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New Spell – Blessing of Spring (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

20 March, 2016

Welcome Spring!It is the Spring Equinox!  Welcome Spring!  And to celebrate, a new spell:

Blessing of the Spring
School abjuration [earth]; Level Clr 2, Drd 2
Components V, S, DF
Casting Time 1 hour
Range Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Target Up to five creatures/level
Duration Instantaneous
Saving Throw Harmless (Will); Spell Resistance No

This spell can only be cast from the Spring Equinox to just before the Summer Solstice.

Those blessed by the spell gain a +1 sacred bonus to saves against disease, poisons and exhaustion, additionally they gain a +2 sacred bonus to any skill check related to farming and other husbandry tasks for the next 24-hours.

Special: Cast as a three hour ritual as part of a Festival performed on the Spring Equinox, the effects of the blessing last until the Summer Solstice.  Each assistant who can cast this spell that aids the primary caster increases the primary caster’s level by the assistants level +1 for each assistant (for example, a 7th level druid aided by four 3rd level assistants in the ritual would cast at 7 +(4 x 3) +4 = 23rd level and be able to bless a community of 115 people).

For D&D5:
Blessing of the Spring
2nd-level abjuration (ritual)
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New Spell – Spectral Skirmisher (for Pathfinder)

18 June, 2015

“More of them?”

Spectral Skirmisher
School conjuration (creation); Level magus 1, sorcerer/wizard 1, summoner 1; Domain war 1

From small beginningsCASTING
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a toy soldier)

Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Effect one semi-visible skirmisher
Duration 3 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

This spell creates a humanoid form of magical force that serves its creator as a skirmisher.  It can attack once a round using its creators base attack bonus with either a “sling” (1d4 bludgeoning damage, 50 range increments) or “javelin” (1d6 piercing damage, 30 range increments), the weapon choice made when the skirmisher is summoned, if the caster has any feats that apply to the weapon used (such as point blank shot or weapon focus), the skirmisher has access to those as well.  The skirmisher’s attack is treated as is it was a magic weapon at 5th level and gains a +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage at 7th level, increasing to +2 at 13th and +3 at 19th level.

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New Spell – Spectral Skirmisher (for D&D 5)

17 June, 2015

Material componentsVoddick ducked behind a rock as another near invisible javelin bounced off that shelter.  “I hate fighting things you cannot see!”

Gollaon tosses a knife at it.  “I think we need to worry about the sorcerer who summoned it more.”

Spectral Skirmisher
1st-level conjuration (ritual)

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 30 feet
Components: V, S, M (a toy soldier)
Duration: 10 rounds

This spell creates a humanoid form of magical force that serves its creator as a skirmisher.  It can attack once a round using its creators proficiency bonus with either a “sling” (1d4 bludgeoning damage, 30/120 range) or “javelin” (1d6 piercing damage, 20/60), the weapon choice made when the skirmisher is summoned..  The spectral skirmisher has AC 12, 5 hit points with resistance to piecing and slashing weapons and it may either be semi-invisible, gaining the effect of half cover against those who cannot see invisible, or fully visible (though slightly translucent).  If it drops to 0 hit points, the spell ends.

Once during each of your turns as a bonus action, you can instruct the skirmisher to move 15 feet and attack a specific target.  Once given a target it continues to attack that target as best it can.

Used as a ritual, a single 1st level skirmisher can be created and accompanies the caster for up to eight hours.  It normal duration only ticking down once it has been commanded to attack.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the skirmisher has +1 AC, +10 hit points and +1 to attack and damage for each level above 1st used in the casting.

Notes: The idea for this spell came up in casual discussion for our D&D group, so I tossed it together.  You can find a Pathfinder version here.

Photo by Nakae and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


New Spell – Transfer Quickened Life

8 May, 2013

A focus for the spellIt was a huge step, one that his wife insisted upon.  Haflan did not have much truck with magic.  But the fever had gripped his wife and if they did not act, her life or that of their child might be lost.  The young woman that would bear their child -and how odd it was to think of his and Ashilaz’ child growing in another woman’s womb- was healthy and brave and, they would insure, well compensated.  The ritual was about to begin and the wizard had excluded him from the room, for which he was only thankful.

But still, such magic gave him shivers.  He hoped he was not coming down the the fever as well . . .

Transfer Quickened Life
School conjuration (healing, teleportation); Level cleric/oracle 4, sorcerer/wizard 5

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New Spell – Xenophobia (A to Z Challenge X)

27 April, 2013

No one knew what came over Roban the innkeeper, but suddenly he was offending all of his foreign guests.  Some said the change happened after he threw out that bard, but in any case, it took him months to win back that custom.

School enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting]; Level bard 1, sorcerer/wizard 2

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New Spell – Talk Talk (A to Z Challenge T)

23 April, 2013

Following an encouraging nod and raised wine glass from Amathea, the Songmistress of Solle, I finally approached General VanGreers, who had information on the fortress ruins we intended to explore, having besieged and destroyed it in his youth.

He had a reputation as a taciturn and laconic man, a soldier’s soldier, be today, he seemed in a mood for storytelling.  I asked about the fortress and he regaled me . . . for the next six hours on every detail of the siege and the subsequent sack of the fortress.  Every question I had was answered.  Slightly dazed, I made my way back over to Amathea.  She just smiled knowingly.

Talk Talk
School enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting]; Level bard 1, sorcerer/wizard 1

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New Spell – Eschaton Echo (A to Z Challenge E)

5 April, 2013

“See you fate, villain,” cried out Knight-Chaplain Vessa, raising her silver badge of authority.

The murderous Ronz was surrounded in an odd, colorless light.  He screamed and fell back, clutching at his eyes.  “No!  No!  Not there!”

Vessa took the opportunity to press her attack on Ronz.  “I will bring you to justice in this life and you see your justice in the afterlife!”

Eschaton Echo
School divination; Level cleric/oracle 5, inquisitor 4, paladin 4

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