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More Sorcerer/Arcane Magic Feats

3 October, 2011

Been playing around with interesting feats to boost arcane spellcasters, mostly sorcerers (such as Armored in Sorcery and Sorcerous Vis), and their options.  In that vein, I present the following feats:

Arcane into Agility
Your ability to absorb excess magic allows you to react more quickly and more accurately.

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New Feat – Sorcerous Vis

29 July, 2011

The elven sorcerer laughed as the clumsy Ducal swordsmen -well, he made them look clumsy- tried to grab him as he ran down the table.  A group the got too close were bathed in flashing rainbow light and fell away.

“All I wanted was a kiss from the Duchess,” he complained, leaping to another table.  “Is it my fault she decided she wanted more?”

“Get him!” screamed the Duke.  A trio of crossbow men fired.  Two of their bolts deflected off an invisible shield, but the third struck home.

“I am wounded!” cried the sorcerer, speaking a word and leaping to a open window, half way up the high ceiling.  “I know when I am not wanted.”  With that he pitched himself out of the window.

“Find him!  Kill him!” frothed the Duke.  I just shook my head, knowing the sorcerer as a ham and that the wound he suffered would soon be as vanished as he was from the Duke’s presence.

Sorcerous Vis
You draw health and life energy from your magic.

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New Feats – Armored in Sorcery

28 July, 2011

The sorcerer laughed as his conjured fire burned through the first rank of soldiers.  The volley of crossbow bolts that rained down upon him were deflected by a haze that radiated from him like heat.

“Fools!” he shouted.  ‘Not only does my magic destroy you, it protects me!”

Another bolt of fire from the sorcerer’s hand destroyed a wagon and the three soldier behind it.  “Now . . .” the rest of his boast was cut off as a silver shafted arrow pierced his breast.  “What!?”

The Silver Band had finally arrived.  Now the sorcerer would have a real fight on his hands.

Armored in Sorcery
Your magic creates a momentary aura that protects you from harm.

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New Spell – Dragon Claw chain of spells

4 September, 2009

We will start of the September of Spells with the excessively baroque Dragon Claw chain of spells.  This originated in a players attempt to build a ‘natural wizard’ (what would be a Sorcerer now) back in 2nd edition AD&D who had their spells tattooed on their body in ink mixed with the blood of dragons.

Lesser Dragon Claw
Evocation [Draconic, Force]

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