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New Magic Item – Sloth’s Sigil

22 December, 2009

Sorry, but I just could not force myself to finish this one . . .  A small joke now that we have reacted the end of the Sin’s Gift cycle of items.  It seems appropriate that Sloth is the last one done.

Sloth’s Sigil

These items always seem a bit casually made, as if the person making them just could not be bothered to do it properly.  It is a token marked with rune, sometimes on a seal, other times on a ring or talisman or even hung off of a headband.

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New Magic Item – Jealousy’s Jewel

21 December, 2009

Only one more of Sin’s Gifts to go after this one.

The musician Tallan performance was not up to snuff that day, something was off and he did not play as well as we expected.  When the newly arrived minstrel Gordiic played, his skills seemed so much better by comparison though he has never played so well since.

Jealousy’s Jewel

These items consist of a beautiful pure green tear drop shaped gem (usually an emerald or jade) on a silver chain.  The chain must be nearly constantly polished to keep it from tarnishing.  It can be worn as a necklace or hung from the waist.

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New Magic Item – Wrath’s Weapon

20 December, 2009

Sorry for this being so late.  It turns out working retail during the holiday season takes a lot of effort.  But I intend to have the Sin’s Gift series of items done by Christmas.  Only two more to go!

He revelled in combat, his sword flashing with a sinister gleem as he dispatched his foes.  But I always keep my distance for he seemed to enjoying giving himself over to his hatred far too much.

Wrath’s Weapon

This weapon is contained in a case of black leather and the opener of the case will find their preferred melee weapon inside.  The weapon will be a well-made but otherwise unexceptional except for the motto engraved upon it “Suffer no insult, forgive no foe.”

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New Magic Item – Lust’s Lure

15 December, 2009

To compliment yesterday’s conversion of The Desire, a magic item she would not mind adding to the collection of tools at her disposal, the latest Sin’s Gift:

Lust’s Lure

These items consist of a small charm of precious metal including a small dangling gem, the gem -while small- is always eye catching and dazzling.  It is always pleasantly warm to the touch, even in the coldest weather.

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New Magic Item – Pride’s Purse

11 December, 2009

It turns out that keeping your pride can be very expensive as the latest Sin’s Gift shows:

Pride’s Purse

This purse is made of durable, but supple, leather decorated with intricate patterns in gold leaf and strong silk cords.  Once it is claimed by someone, the gold patterns change into the new owner’s mark or seal.

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New Magic Item – Avarice’s Armor

7 December, 2009

The next of the Sin’s Gifts items:

I had mistaken him for a wandering begger at first, the tattered layers of cloaks, the well worn boots.  But when he tossed back the cloaks, he was wearing the most magnificent suit of armor I had ever seen, decorated in design in gold, gems and enamel work over every part of it.  Yes the hilts to his weapon were worn and unadorned and his eyes had a haunted quality as he looked around the common room.

Avarice’s Armor

This suit of beautifully made full plate appears unfinished, there are patterned etched into the fine steel, with setting and places for inlays, which simply are not there.  It is usually found dusty and abandoned but in perfectly serviceable condition.  Once cleaned and oiled, it will be found to be a perfect fit (masterwork even).

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New Magic Item – Gluttony’s Gift

4 December, 2009

This idea struck me on my way to work this morning and it has taken sometime to work out . . .

The chief enforcer of the Black Mace Gang was a massive man.  We watched him tear through an entire large roasted fowl while waiting for his challenger to warm up.    The fight was short and brutal, the enforcer’s thick build seemed to absorb any blow thrown at him.  While his mace cracked the paving stones when it missed, there was such force behind it.  Finally the mace caught the challenger a solid blow to the chest and it was all over.  And the first thing the enforcer did?  Grabbed a loaf of bread and consumed it, even though his hands were flecked with blood.  A terrible and dangerous man.

Gluttony’s Gift

These items appear as a simple clasp or buckle inscribed with the motto “Eat Well.”  The clasp or buckle when attached to an item of clothing, cloak, belt, or such, will insure that item always fit the wearer properly and, additionally, it is never stained by spilled or dropped food and drink.

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