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Tuesday Magic Item – Elephant Foot Shield

23 March, 2021

Shield of WarGollaon loosed another arrow as Voddick recocked his crossbow.  “Another day, another exchange of missiles with rival skirmishers,” said Gollaon.  “Gets the heart beating.”

“It would be more enjoyable if they were worse shots,” grumbled Voddick.

“The using of poisoned arrows is a bit unsporting too.”

“At least we are not down there,” said Voddick, “among the spears and swords.”

“Truth.  I like having cover.”


Elephant Foot Shield

These large shields are made of elephant hide over hard wood, sometime decorated, sometime not.  Often they are made to look like the legs of elephants, but the hide used to make them can come from any part of the elephant. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Mathilda’s Shield

3 January, 2012

She straightened her helmet, shook the blood from her sword and turned back towards the gate.  “Get the people to safety,” she said, “I will buy you as much time as I can.”

“Wait . . .” I tried to get to her, but she was already moving against the tide of fleeing townsfolk.  I turned away, tears fogging my vision as she was lost to sight.  There was nothing left but to comply with her last wish. 

“Go, go, the west road is still open.”  I spared one last glace back, hoping that I would see her but there were only scared people.

Mathilda’s Shield

The first of these shields was carried by the Paladin Mathilda of Stern Resolve and imbued with her steadfastness and compassion.  Since then, various orders have invoked her example to make similar items.  They are heavy steel shields painted with the symbol of their order and with a holy symbol set in the back just above the grip.  They are very difficult to damage, as they are said to be a firm as Mathilda’s faith.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Vanguard’s Shield

18 January, 2011

Vanguard's Shield

Vanguard's Shield in action

The brave young men took up the shields of their fathers, uncles and brothers, proud to be able to prove their bravery by leading the attack against the invaders.  Proudly, they lead the charge, braving arrows and spears to close with the enemy.  At the end of the day, the handful that survived were feted as heroes.

Vanguard’s Shield

These shields are solidly build, even for shields, with reinforced edges and straps.  The fronts are battle scarred and usually recently repainted.  The interior is usual etched with the names of previous owners.  These shields are given to those who will lead an assault who will triumph or die in the attempt.

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