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The Problem of Immunity (Rules Musings)

24 March, 2012

Burn it!

It won’t burn?

What, not even magical fire?  But it is such a little monster.

In Pathfinder (like 3.x before it), there are a number of monsters, and some classes, that gain flat and total immunity to a variety of things.  This was brought back to my attention by the comments on my review of the Genius Guide to: Fire Magic and has been discussed as a problem by Sean K Reynolds (and possibly others).

Immunities are just no fun, not for the player, not for the GM, not do they make a lot sense.  Sure, the King of the Fire Elementals cannot be harmed by fire, that makes sense.  But should not a 2HD small fire element be washed away by a powerful enough gout of flame?  Cannot a creature of electricity be ionized if overwhelmed by a massive stroke of lightning?

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Fear and Affrighted

12 March, 2012

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear — not absence of fear.

-Mark Twain

I want to look at a different way to model fear in Pathfinder

Rather than have shaken, frightened and panicked conditions for fear, all fear effects are going to be mechanically increasing penalties.  We will call this condition Affrighted and it will be tagged with a number which is the current penalty it is imposing (see below).

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Pathfinder Rules Musings – Fortification

3 February, 2012

“Knife him in the gut!”

“I tried!  His armor stopped it!”

That is how the Fortification ability is suppose to work in Pathfinder (and 3.x), here are the actual rules as written:

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