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Tuesday Magic Item – Crown of Ghosts

16 August, 2022

Heavy is the burdenVoddick watched as the tyrant batted at something only he seem to be able to see, whispered “Is he alright?”

Gollaon, whose attention was on the crown, replied, “I think he is haunted by his victims.”

“Are not all tyrants?

?This one more than most I think.”

Crown of Ghosts

This crown was commissioned by a tyrannical ruler to help them enforce their will, the sorcerer who made it did so only because their family was threatened.  To at least exact revenge against the ruler, the sorcerer layered in a hidden curse to punish them for their transgressions.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Sceptre of Feudal Oaths

29 August, 2017

Kingly Sceptre“I am glad we are just mercenaries,” whispered Gollaon to his friend as they stood in the back of the grand hall, surrounded by the assembled nobles of the realm.

“Yes?  What am I missing?” Voddick stretched up trying to get a look at what was going on at the heart of the chamber.

“Oaths to the ruler, ones that will be enforced by an ancient magic,” answered Gollaon.

“Ah, best to avoid those entanglements, especially in war,” nodded Voddick.  “At least the feast should be spectacular.”

Sceptre of Feudal Oaths

These items are usually ancient having acquired their authority from decades or centuries of use and tradition.  The sceptres are usually old and often appear outdated when compared to modern regalia, but are sturdily built and often richly decorated.  They come from an era of fierce war leaders who demanded personal loyalty and we willing to enforce their dictates with violence as needed.

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