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Our brave cat, Joxer, goes on his last adventure

23 August, 2019

Joxer looking derpySadly, this morning we had to usher our brave and dear cat, Joxer, west across the rainbow bridge.  He was only thirteen but had suffered with FIV (the feline version of the immunodeficiency virus) for over half his life and his poor body was finally breaking down under the strain.

We adopted Joxer as a young cat, he was (like all of our cats) a rescue, and yes, he was named for Ted Raimi’s delightful character in Xena: Warrior Princess, Joxer the Mighty.  He was brave and loving and my wife’s dearest dear.  We have been with him through thick and thin and, although he was brave and was willing to stay with us for as long as he could, it would have been cruel to keep him any longer.  We made sure his last week was full of love and his favorite food, he had been on a restricted diet by not for this week and some medicine to chase away the pain.  And for the last week, he was our wonderful boy again, full of life and energy, bright eyed and proud tailed, but by this morning, he was beginning to flag and we could see it was going to be downhill for him.

About his tongue in the upper picture, one of the effects of the FIV requires us to get Joxer’s teeth pulled and without teeth, his tongue would slip out when he was at rest.

The lovely people at our local vet, the Animal Wellness Center of Athens, GA, helped us to see that he crossed over painlessly, with Dr Stacy and Rachel, one of the Vet Techs, in attendance with us as he left this world for the next one.

Be brave and enjoy your new journey and new adventure, my brave boy.  We will miss you.


A Cat Shaped Hole in My Heart

16 October, 2017

Normally, I only post about gaming related things here, but this is about my personal life.

Proud Princess

Aeolif in happier times

Our oldest cat, we have . . . had three, Aeolif the Jungle Princess went west today.  She was fifteen and a half and had fought off cancer four years ago but not this time.  She was eased into the next world by the kind people at the Animal Wellness Center with myself and my wife standing as honor guards.  I will miss that little kitty.

We found Aeolif in a tree overhanging our driveway, she was just a tiny kitten and we never found out where she had come from but she was there.  I got a chair and stretch up to rescue her from the branch and she was purring as soon as she was in my hands.  Laura took her off and bathed her, saying the water looked like weak coffee sprinkled with black pepper afterwards.  We confided her to the bathroom and started trying to find if anyone had lost a kitten.  It was a little later that same day that we received news that out dear friend Jess Hanna and her two children had been killed in a car accident.  Since no one claimed her, we poured our love and sorry into the little kitten who we named Aeolif after one of Jess’ D&D characters who was also very good (metaphorically speaking) of getting into but not out of trees.

Goodby sweet kitty

Last photo of Aeolif at the AWC

Several years later, Aeolif managed to get treed by a local dog, ending up at the very top of a forty-ish foot tall pine.  Even after the dog’s owner, our neighbor, confined the dog (who was just being a dog, no malice there) we could not coax her down but we could hear her sad meows for hours until she finally just showed up at the door again.

After her cancel treatment, she became more withdrawn, and was usually down in the basement only coming up to ask for food and occasionally company.  But we loved her and visited when we could.  And now she is gone and there is a cat shaped hole in my heart whenever I think of her.

Go with my best wishes and love, wherever you end up, my dearest little cat.  Goodbye and fare the well, Aeolif.


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