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Random Bandit Gang generator

18 May, 2015

Thinking about my upcoming L5R adventure and bandits gangs made me throw this little random generator together.  It is pretty bare bones but useful, I hope.

Random Bandit Gang

Size, if near a Major Trade Route +1, if local Law Enforcement is lax +1, if a war was recently fought in the local area +1 (these modifiers are cumulative).

1 – 3-5 members
2-3 – 6-15 members
4-7 – 16-30 members
8-9 – 31-60 members
10+ – 60+ members


1-2 – Disgruntled Peasants
3-6 – Unemployed Ronin/Mercenaries
7- Broke Merchants/Smugglers
8-9 – Charismatic Leader
Roll again: 1-2 Peasant Agitator, 3-9 Ambitious Individual, 10 Religious
10 – Special, roll again:
    1-4 – Suppressed Religious Sect*
    5-6 – Secretly backed by political faction to use against enemies**
    7-9 – Front for a Dark Cult*
    10 – Operation of a Secret Society**

* Has a extra 50% chance to roll on the Magic table of the Tricks chart
** Roll twice on the Tricks Table

Base of Operations

1-5 – Isolated wilderness camp
6-7 – Mobile/Ship/Boats
8-9 – Cowed Village
10 – Special, roll again
 1-2 – Abandoned Fort
    3-7 – Forgotten Temple
    8-9 – Ghost Town
    10 – Noble’s Estate


1-3 – None
4-7 – Highly skilled champion or elite squad of fighters
8 – Special Weapons/Equipment
9 – Highly mobile (mounts/secret paths/great at forced marches/whatever)
10 – Magic, roll again
    1-4 – Hedge Wizard/Self-taught Sorcerer
    5-9 – Heretic Priest/Rogue Shugenja/Crazed Druid
    10 – Powerful Magic Item (may be the brains behind the operation)

Now, let us give it a spin.  The players have heard rumors of a bandit gang along the North Trade Road.  It is a well patrolled region, so no bonuses there but it is a major trade route and there was a recent war, so +2 to the size roll: 6 + 2 = 8, 31-60 bandits.  Origin 7, broke merchants.  Base 2, remote wilderness base.  Tricks, 9, highly mobile.

So, we have the remnants of a merchant company driven out of business by unscrupulous competitors but still mobile due to their wagons and mounts.  They prefer to attack the caravans of their former rivals but will do what they have to to survive. we will call them the “Rough Blade Company”.

Comments?  Suggestions?


Random Demon Name Generator – Least and Lesser Demons (version 1)

28 June, 2011

Finally had an idea for a random generator.  The demon names in most popular fantasy RPGs are rather dull, I like the crazy sorts of demon names you see in HK Action films (and Shadowfist) like Seven Evils, the Eater of Fortune and Four Burning Fists.  So, the following generator is suppose to generate those sort of wired descriptive names, now this is 1- the first version and using only initial thoughts ripped from my own mind, 2- the weakest demons (so there names do not get to be all that cool).  If people like this and I get inspired, I will move up through the ranks of demonic being and wrap it all up into a PDF at the end.  So, feedback and suggestions welcome!

Let us give it a try, instead of a dretch, we have a least demon: rolls a D4 = 3, [C] [A] of  [B], so table C, descriptor roll D8 = 3, Corrupted, on Table A the D20 = 10, Slave and the Aspect D8 =2, so instead we have a Corrupted Slave of Darkness!  Nifty.

Now, for a lesser demon, rather than a rutterkin:  D12 roll = 6, [D] of [E], simple, rolling on Title table D, the D10 = 4, Hunter/Stalker and the Aspect from table E, D10 roll = 7, (Eternal) Night, so we have a Stalker of Eternal Night.  That sounds pretty cool too.

Random Demon Name Generator, Least and Lesser (Requires 1D4, 1D8. 1D10, 1D12 and 1D20)
First Version

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