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Shadowrun Campaign Updates and new Seattle Scream prop (#53)

21 September, 2017

Again, I have fallen behind on keeping up on the Seattle Scream but finally a new issue (#53, October 2073)!

Things have been going well, with monthly introductory games at Tyche’s Games (every first Sat, feel free to join us), and the occasional game as part of our Thursday night rotation.  Indeed, the story in the lower right hand corner refers to the last Thursday night mission (which was a failure or it would have been a very different news item).

The NorCal set game on occasional Thursdays, which I am a player in, is still moving forward (last report from that here) and still great fun.

The rock tour set game I was running is on hiatus and I work out how to better coordinate the players involved.

But, be careful out in the shadows my friends.  More news soon.



Shadowrun Campaign Update and new Seattle Scream (#52) prop

29 June, 2017

Ghoulish, ne?If it seems like a while since I did one of these, it is because it has been (October, in fact, here).  But Shadowrun continues apace with monthly open games held at Tyche’s Games and occasional other games scattered almost randomly.  Though the PinkCat/NorCal game is also going strong having racked up more than thirty sessions at this point (most recent here).

I have been using Shadowfist cards to randomly generate adventure ideas which has been working out really well.  One of the character was almost eaten by ghouls in the last adventure (see the Cannibal Army card which inspired their inclusion) which was great fun for me, maybe not so much for the player and character!

Playing again this coming Saturday and felt it was past time for a new Seattle Scream, so here you go, Issue 52 (July 2073).



Shadowrun, Anarchy and a new Seattle Scream prop (#51)

15 October, 2016

Happy Haoweener!It is almost Halloween(er) Time!  Been running quite a bit of Shadowrun over the last two months.  We have some new players for the monthly game, including one who tried an in-game betrayal (which ended badly for the character and his ganger buddies)!  The games for this week have mostly focused on dealing with the crazy Seattle gang, the Halloweeners, which has been fun.  Hope to get in at least one more appearance by the Halloweeners by the end of the month.

This week, due to payer absences, we gave a the new Shadowrun: Anarchy system a spin.  It is very narrativist and pretty neat, but it will take some getting used too.  I do not think we used the system to its best advantage, but there is always next time and we will certainly try it again.

And now for the latest news from my Shadowrun word: Seattle Scream #51.

Photo by Damian Cugley and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.



Down in the Streets of Seattle (SR Campaign Report) and a new Seattle Scream

19 May, 2016

I have started a new section of my Seattle Shadowrun campaign, this time with characters starting at street level (i.e. poor and inexperienced) which is my favorite way to play Shadowrun.  It started as a one-shot for a friend who was back in town but we had so much fun that we are having our third game tonight.

Among our characters are: a Troll ex-boxer and shark mentored alchemist, an actor looking for his big break, a fashionista elf, a kitsune shaman, and a few others.  A very wacky and diverse group, quite different from any of our other teams and collections of characters.  They are strong on the magic side of things and weak on tech, the reverse of our other group (PinkCat’s NorCal team).

Wish me luck for tonight.

And enjoy the 50th(!) issue of Seattle Scream.


Shadowrun 2071/2 Campaign Report and New Seattle Scream (#49)

4 January, 2016

It has been a while since the last of my Seattle Shadowrun game updates, mostly because the games have just not been happening due to scheduling conflicts and several of the regular players moving out of town. However, this Saturday’s game saw four new players, none of whom had played anything other than D&D before, joined two regular players for a short and sweet game.

Before the game, I prepared a new issue (#49) of the Seattle Scream and the mission tied directly into one of the news stories.

In other local Shadowrun news, the NorCal adventures of PinkCat (latest one here) have been moving forward on a roughly monthly schedule and the reports for that have been much more timely.

Happy shadowrunning in 2016 (and whatever year your campaign is set)!


Shadowrun 2071 Campaign Report and New Seattle Scream (#48)

3 July, 2015

For various reasons, the Seattle Shadowrun game has been scattered and updates have been few and far between but here is one at last.  However, the NorCal adventure of PinkCat (latest one here) have been moving forward on a slightly more than monthly schedule and the reports for that have been much more timely.

We have another Seattle game tomorrow, but I will be missing August’s usual scheduled game due to GenCon!  (And if anyone want to meet up and talk Shadowrun there, I would be happy to oblige.)

Thack, of the now most wanted status, is one of the longest played (though now on the run -and out of play-) PCs of the Seattle game, read about his manhunt and more in the latest issue of the Seattle Scream (#48)!  Happy shadowrunning.


Shadowrun 2070-71 Campaign Report and New Seattle Scream (#47)

18 March, 2015

This update seem to be running about quarterly recently (the last one was in October) , sorry about that.  At least I have been fairly good about keeping up with the adventure of PinkCat (latest one here) in NorCal.   Shadowrun gaming has been continuing here, though the shared campaign has slowed considerably, with just the NorCal branch regularly advancing (though we got in one game in Chicago).

Turnout was been fairly good for the monthly game, except for January when only one player showed up (and thus no game).  Had some new players and some good adventures, both the Seattle Scream articles in the left hand column reference recent games, while the Moonshadow one in the lower right references the latest NorCal game (will link the report when it is up) and so on to the latest issue of the Seattle Scream (#47)!  Enjoy.

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