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War Child (Battlefield Survivor) prestige class

29 March, 2010

Annika the Landsknechtin surveyed the battlefield, covered in blood and broken bodies, the Three Swords Band had fulfilled their contract and held the line but at what cost.  She did not regret surviving but she did feel a momentary twinge of pity for those who did not.  Hoisting her halberd, she moved out onto the field, who knew what might be salvaged from the wreckage.

War Child (Battlefield Survivor)
“War hasn’t killed me yet.”

War is a dirty business, but a necessary one for many.  Many long term soldiers, especially mercenaries, focus their talents on being able to survive both on and off the battlefield.  Those who have been soldiers since a young age, the War Children, often are especially adept at such tricks of survival.  They may not be the winners of every battle but they will be the ones who live to walk (or crawl) off the battlefield.

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Pankraton Master prestige class

26 March, 2010

This was a prestige class built for my Ancient Greece-inspired game and is an evolution of the Pankraton feat.  It is a combatant that relies on their own skill alone to defeat his opponents:

Pankraton Master
“Let us fight like real men, with just our hands.”

Pankraton Masters are those warriors who have mastered the physically demanding martial art of Pankraton (“all-powerful”).  In unarmed combat, the Pankration Master is devastating, outside of that arena he remains a competent warrior.

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Imperial Kommissar Prestige Class

22 March, 2010

Atop the low hill, now stained red with blood, the Irrin Militia still held at noon.  When the Kothic Horde had first started advancing shortly after dawn, they had tried to run, but Imperial Kommissar Valtic had stopped that rout by killing the first man who tried to move by him.  He still stood behind the militia, his grim visage inspiring them to face possible death at the hands of the horde rather than certain death from him.

Imperial Kommissar
Discipline maintains order, we maintain discipline.”

The Imperial Forces rely upon a small number of highly trained soldiers to maintain order across the Empire.  In times of a large scale disturbance or major war, allies are mobilized and placed under Imperial authority.  Those allied units that are considered unreliable, rebellious or simply poorly led are placed under the watchful eyes of the Imperial Kommissars.

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Veradonian Slinger Prestige Class

19 March, 2010

To go with the new sling and slinging rules, a sling based prestige class.  Obviously inspired by the historical Baleric Slingers who served in the Roman armies.

Veradonian Slinger
“Take that!”

Those people raised on the rocky islands of Veradonia make their living primarily through herding, and a herder’s best friend, after a faithful dog, is a sling. The sling can bring down small game for a meal or drive off predators that would eat the flock.  Noting the natural talent of the Veradonians with their slings, foreigners often hire them as mercenaries. As a young Veradonian does not have many other prospects, many take the chance to make their way and some coins in foreign lands.

Veradonian Slingers can be found in service near and far, serving in armies and as mercenary guards.  In the end, most return to the islands of Veradonia, some rich but most with just a few coins, a few scars and many tales to tell.

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Courier Prestige Class

17 March, 2010

This prestige class was designed to go with the Through the Lens of History article on mail and messengers but I broke it out to keep that post from being too long.  This prestige class is designed as a framework to be customized to each setting/campaign, hope that you find it useful:

Yes, I can get it there for you.”

There is always someone needed to deliver messages, whether it is the king, a merchants’ guild or someone in love.  The courier is an expert in such tasks, taking messages and goods to places near and far.  Her livelihood is based on her ability to get the messages through in a timely manner and her knowledge of the tricks of the trade are extensive.

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Veles (Javelin Skirmisher) Prestige Class

12 March, 2010

In my never ending quest to make the historically well used weapons useful in games, I present a javelin-using ‘prestige’ class.  Prestige is in quotes as the barrier to entry to this class is very low.

Veles (Javelin Skirmisher)
Watch this throw.”

The velite (plural of veles) are young men, aiming to prove their bravery on the field of combat.  They are lightly armored at best and rely upon the javelin as their primary weapon.  Their role in the army is that of skirmisher and scout, keeping the enemies eyes from the army and in battle, shielding the heavy infantry from enemy skirmishers and weakening those who can not catch them.

A veles often wear a headdress made from a the head and skin of a wolf.  This makes them easy to spot and distinguish on the battlefield.  Their usual equipment is a short sword, light shield, whatever light armor they can afford and as many javelins as they can comfortably carry.

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