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A to Z – Knowledge and Knowing

15 April, 2018

Is this true?Among the scholars and philosophers of the Sea of Stars, epistemology, the philosophical discipline of understanding how we know and what we know, is much debated.  Many thought that the gods served to underpin reality, when the dragons slew the gods, some expected the world to just end, the Sundering seemed to confirm their fears . . . and then it stopped.  The world and all certainties about it were shattered.

With the Empress’ name magically written out of of the world and the lost of the names of the gods, certain foundations of knowledge seem to have been eroded.  Even the rising and setting of the Sun had ceased to have it old certainty, replaced with the rules of the Dragon Empress.  If she could be the cause of so much change, could it not all change again at her whim?  She even created a new type of people, the Visse!  Perhaps change was the new way of things?

Of course, such fears were unfounded as the Empress sought an understandable and predictable world as well, but still doubts remained, at least among the philosopher and thinkers.  For most people, the world, is stable and predictable, well as predictable as a world of magic and dragons can be.  It is only the classically educated who worry about the nature of reality.

Notes: K is a tricky letter.  Sorry to be behind, this should have been up on Friday but I was on the road all day and then back to work yesterday.  Hopefully the rest of the A to Z should stay to schedule.

Image “Miniature showing Erythraea . . .” by Boccaccio, Giovanni (1313-1375) is licensed under CC0 1.0,


Dominae, Philosophy of (A to Z Challenge, D)

4 April, 2015

The draconic philosophy of Dominae is based on achievement through personal power and will alone.  “A dragon flies alone needing nothing beyond themself, but accept that others will wish to serve you and that is your right.” It was founded and popularized by the Empress herself and it is the foundation of the Imperium.   The Cardinal Beliefs of Dominae are: Read the rest of this entry ?


Ada Lovelace Day 2012

16 October, 2012
Ada Lovelace (1838)

Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace Day is an international day of blogging to raise awareness of the achievements and successes of women in technology and science.  This year it is today (16th October).

As is my want, I will be looking back at one of the early female scientists, Aglaonike of Thessaly who lived in the 2nd Century BCE naturally, we only have fragmentary information about her (which is true of all such people of that era).  Aglaonike was the first female astrologer in Ancient Greece and was able to predict Lunar eclipses, a Greek proverb makes reference to Aglaonike’s alleged boasting: “Yes, as the moon obeys Aglaonike” which indicate her confidence in her abilities.  Other female astrologers were inspired by Aglaonike becoming known as the “witches of Thessaly” and often regarded as sorcerers.  (You can learn a little more about her at Wikipedia.)

And, lastly, one would be remiss to not mention 2D Goggles where, in the universe next door, Ada Lovelace is a adventerous science heroine.

Notes: Picture from the Wikimedia Commons and is in the public domain.


Ada Lovelace Day!

7 October, 2011

Ada Lovelace Day is an international day of blogging to raise awareness of the achievements and successes of women in technology and science.  This year it is today (7th October) though last year it was on 24th March.

One of the fascinating women of the ancient world and foundation of science is Hypatia of Alexandria, who -sadly- we know very little about but who was very active in the scientific and philosophical community of her time.  Unfortunately, it was a very unsettled time and none of her works survive (a situation sadly common among early scientists).   But what we do know shows her as a very dedicated woman, highly focused on the life of mind.

The fictionalized version of her life as presented in the movie Agora is probably far from accurate,  it is a very pretty (if slightly depressing) film and Rachel Weisz does her best to bring Hypatia to life.

Also, it is always worth looking through the 2D Goggles to the universe next door where Ada Lovelace was a two-fisted science heroine.

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