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Solstice Quest Item – Fern Flower

21 June, 2014

Solstice Night is a magical night, the shortest night of the year.  In the Northern arc of Eastern Europe, it is celebrated in various ways.

Across the region sacred or magical rituals are enacted, almost all linked with symbols of fertility (the maypole, the wreath) and  elements of water and fire.  In Belarus girls and boys bathe in lakes, in Sweden they dance around the Maypole, in Poland young maidens dressed in white float flower wreaths with candles – symbols of maidenhood – on the rivers.  If the wreath gets caught by a man, the girl will get married soon, while if it floats, she can hope to get married one day but not in the near future.  However, if it burns, sinks or gets caught in something, she will never marry.   Herbs gathered during this time and considered to be especially effective in combating illness, but none more so than the mythical fern flower.

The fern flower, which only flowers on this one night, and only the the deep forest, can only be found by the most dedicated or most pure or perhaps just the luckiest individuals . . . For the fern flower is potently magical, it brings one or more of the following:

  • Ability to understand animal speech.
  • Earthly riches.
  • Health.
  • Luck.

Of course, some say the flower is secretly guarded by evil spirits.   Others that any blessing gained from the fern flower will be balanced by a curse.  Though one that is pure of heart and only using the flower for noble ends will not be punished . . . right?



New Spell – Arcanic Fire

16 November, 2012

Fire!“This time, I have something special for you,” smiled Volran Koth, Wizard of the Three Triangle Society to his opponent.

“Will it impress me?” sneered Rodan the Blue, of the Many-Colored League.

The other wizards, sorcerer and assorted students of the esoteric arts watched from around the dueling circle as the two wizards faced off.  Whispering discussions moving among them.

The first attack was to Volran as challenger.  “Well, it is colorful,” said Volran with a grin.  Then, with seven words and a gesture, Rodan was suddenly engulfed in yellow-orange flames.

Arcanic Flames
School evocation [fire]; Level Sor/Wiz 2; Domain Magic 2
Components V, S
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target One target
Duration Instantaneous
Saving Throw Fortitude half (and see below); Spell Resistance Yes

With a gesture and a word of seven twisted syllables, the target is engulfed in pale almost translucent flames.  If the target is not a spell caster, the effect end there with the target being dazzled for one round.

If the target is a spell caster, the flames feed on their magic, running from the spectrum from pale red (for a low level caster) to deep violet (for an archmage with all spells ready). Read the rest of this entry ?


Elementals, in general and in the Sea of Stars

28 May, 2012

I had mention in an early post that the elemental realms (elemental plane in D&D terms) still interacted with the Sea of Stars, but I have decided this is not longer so as there are no elemental realms anymore.  Not as it “they have been destroyed” but rather, that they never existed.

Elementals All


Reading James Maliszewski‘s It’s Elementary article reminded me about the origin of elementals in D&D and that the elemental planes were a later addition to the D&D cosmology which may have some literary antecedence in Moorcock’s works but I am not sure.

In retrospect, the elemental realms is a concept that is not needed for the Sea of Stars as the realms beyond simply do not play a major role in that setting.  In the Sea of Stars, an elemental is the awakening of the essence of that element, a spark of life and intelligence, but rarely full sentience, imparted to an element.  So, the elements are not summoned, only the animating spark.

Therefore, to create an elemental you need:

  • Magic to create or summon the animating spark.
  • The element you are awakening.  The larger the elemental you wish to awaken, the more of the element you need.

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Otherplaces – Crystal Spiral (A to Z Challenge, C)

3 April, 2012

No one could now say of it was natural or created, but the ever closing spiral of crystal shards definitely had a purpose.

Crystal Spiral

Piece of the Crystal


They start subtly, just a few crystals emerging from the ground, as one moves further in the spiral the crystals reach higher and higher until the walls of crystal tower over any mortal.  The crystal are very strong and very difficult to damage, shattering a piece off will generate a brief storm of energy, usually electrical, that will center on the place damaged and echo down the line of crystals in both directions.  The crystal shards shattered off from the spiral are very sharp and surprisingly brittle given the strength of the whole crystal.

The outer crystal is transparent moving deeper inside, it become more opaque with occasional pale colors from throughout the spectrum, some forming patterns within the crystals.  There is a pattern to the colors, their mix and angles, that reveals what that particular crystal is aligned to.  These alignments change, enhance, warp or even cancel certain types of magic near to them.  Shards of those crystals share those alignments but they crack and disintegrate once away from their home crystal.  These areas of shifting magical effects extend upward as well, so using magic to fly over the spiral, or to transit within it, is extremely dangerous. Read the rest of this entry ?


Otherplaces – Ba’aikire, the Standing Stones of the (A to Z Challenge, B)

2 April, 2012

If someone was looking for a more desolate and windswept spot, they would have to search.  The peak of the low mountain looked as though it had been snapped off, leaving a flattish area, though with a slight cant, not more than fifty paces across.  Upon this area seven black stones had been raised, each half again as tall as a tall man and twice as wide, in a rough circle.  In the center of the stones was a depression lined with weapons and human bones as though it was some sort of sinister nest.

the Standing Stones of the B’aikire

Dark Stone of Ba’aikire

Of Dark Power

What happens to the servants of a death goddess when she dies?  In the case of the Sisterhood of Black Wings, known as the Ba’aikire to the dragons, they survived and continued on with their mysterious purposes.  As they had before, these shapeshifting warrior-women travel across the land serving as mercenaries but only when fighting is guaranteed, for it is the nearness of death that draws them not the money (though they do not serve for free either).  Oddly, they do not initiate conflicts, only joining in those wars started by others, and they will defend themselves viciously if attacked.

The standing stones of the Ba’aikire are scattered in high and inaccessible places, hidden from the sight of most mortals, reachable only by winged creatures or dangerous climbs.  While most are in the blasted highlands where their mother goddess was once worshiped. Read the rest of this entry ?


Fantastic Location – the Snowfall of Irasosia

15 January, 2012

The Snowfall of Irasosia

The river Iir winds through the lands of Irasosia until it reaches the Heights of Winter as it tumbles over the lip, it freezes into snowflake, floating down the hundred or so feet as beautiful clouds of snow.  It piles at the bottom is massive drifts.



As if this snowfall was not usual enough, the snow formed of Iir water does not melt until it comes into contact with fire or liquid.  This allows the snow to be stored and transported.  The Irasosia Snow Company packages snow in casks and barrels which are in turned shipped all across the Sea of Stars.  Naturally, casks of Iir Snow are considered to be a luxury item in many places.

A few years ago, when the water falling over the Heights of Winter failed to turn to snow for almost half an hour.  The workers were thrown into a brief panic, and several injuries were caused, and production (filling) of snow casks and barrels fell behind a full two weeks.

Notes: This is part of this month’s RPG Blog Carnival: Fantastic Locations hosted by Keith Davies.

The brief interruption in the snowfall was inadvertently caused by a group of adventurers, but this is not widely known.

Photo by William Klos and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


New Spell – Carapace of Insects

10 January, 2012

The last words of the spell were more of a sequence of clicking sounds than words and within seconds, the sorcerer’s body was swarmed by insects.  Moments later, the cover became living armor as the interlocked layers of beetles moved with his body.

Carapace of Insects

School conjuration (summoning) [insect]; Level Druid 4, Sor/Wiz 4, Sum 4; Domain Insect 3

Guardian Bees

Guardian Bees

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Places in the Sea of Stars – The Polyarchy of Mondas

3 November, 2011

The Polyarchy of Mondas

The Sundering had many effects across the Sea of Stars, some lands were shattered, others were torn apart by volcanoes or flooded, rivers changed courses and oceans boiled away, other effects were more subtle but no less devastating.  The people of Mondas suffered from one of the later, the people of Mondas found that their children were often born sickly, fragile bones were common, and it was becoming worse from generation to generation.

Early Mondasian

Early Mondasian

The people of Mondas turned to their rulers and their rulers turned to their draconic patron.  Wizards and sorcerers, exorcists and curse-breakers tried to find a solution to the sickness but to no avail.  But other solutions were tried, amulets and talismans and then magical frames and support.  Finally one family, brokenhearted by their dying child, made the leap and had her soul moved into a construct body.  Whether this triggered what came next or if it was just symbolic of the fall of the Mondosians, will never be known.

Their children were even weaker, those that were not born dead, more and more of the people of Mondas turned to artificer-mages to make new bodies for their children.  Within two generations, Mondas was peopled only by magical machines, some that remembered being humans, others that knew no life apart from in their mechagical** bodies.  Their numbers were small and only grow slowly as new members are built, usually as children to the current Mondasians.

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Review – The Genius Guide to: the Mosaic Mage

30 October, 2011

For a, well, colorful spin on the traditional wizard, the Mosaic Mage nicely fills that role with a suite of spectrum-based abilities and spells.  If you think magic should be more colorful, give the Mosaic Magic a chance.

The Genius Guide to: the Mosaic Mage is a 13-page PDF (12-pages if you remove the credits/OGL page) for the Pathfinder RPG designed by Ryan Costello, Jr. and developed by Owen K. C. Stephens and published by Super Genius Games.  This is part of Super Genius Games’ Genius Guide line.

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More Sorcerer/Arcane Magic Feats

3 October, 2011

Been playing around with interesting feats to boost arcane spellcasters, mostly sorcerers (such as Armored in Sorcery and Sorcerous Vis), and their options.  In that vein, I present the following feats:

Arcane into Agility
Your ability to absorb excess magic allows you to react more quickly and more accurately.

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