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Tuesday Magic Item / A to Z – Hell Lance

10 April, 2018

Knight with lance“Look, they are bringing up their elite.  The knights of the doomsday?” Voddick asked, not sure if he remembered the name correctly.

“Indeed, armed with weapons left over from the Gods War, forged in hell flames and other such fanciful nonsense,” said Gollaon.

“Does that indicate that they are not exceedingly dangerous?”

“Well, yes, but less so because of the weapons.  They were forged primarily to fight a divine foe that no longer exists, but they are still potent magic items.”

Hell Lance

These weapons are deliberately constructed to look cruel and vicious with hooks and barbs common motifs, made of black or red tinted steel with poles of dark wood reinforced with strips of metal and studs.  They are as much a tool of intimidation as a weapon of war.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Cobra-Cat Chain

3 April, 2018

Cat Chain“I would not get too close,” cautioned Golloan as Voddick stepped closer to the long bodied cat.

“I will not, I do not have much like with such beasts,” Voddick replied, keeping his distance.

“Good as I suspect this cat is more than it appears.”

Cobra-Cat Chain

These items are made in pairs, a chain collar for the pet and a bracelet or necklace for the owner.  Almost always made of precious metals, silver being the most common, and occasional having suspended baubles.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Storming Shield

27 March, 2018

Shield after battl;eVoddick set the large shield up.  “Even with this, I am not exciting about charging across a field with the enemy having so many archers.”

“Nor I but I do not think the officers will listen to our misgivings,” replied Gollaon glancing their way.

“Well, we will just have to make the best of it,” sighed Voddick.  “I am sure we will be glad of the shields.”

Storming Shield

These large shields are usually gaudily decorated often with a motto or insults towards the owner’s foes.  On close examination, they are not particularly well made.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Charge Breaker Javelin

20 March, 2018

Charge!Gollaon looked down on the cavalry start to dress its lines in preparation for a charge.  “Oh this is going to be ugly.  I am not sure if I can watch.”

“Why?” asked Voddick recocking his crossbow.

“The skirmishers have javelins that will magically pin the horses’ hooves to the ground.”

“If they were not on the other side I would warn them.”

“Well, send a warning shot their way, it will not dissuade them but at least we will have tried.  I hate the thought of those horses suffering.”

“Agreed,” said Voddick taking aim.

Charge Breaker Javelin

These heavy javelins are often marked with simple images of people stumbling or legs breaking, which demonstrate their intent.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Blood Banner

13 March, 2018

Red Flag“Another red banner?!  They must have emptied the jail before marching to war,” complained Voddick.

“I am not fond of working as executioners for what may be innocent people,” agreed Gollaon aiming along the shaft of his arrow.

“But they will kill us if we do not kill them.”

“Needs must,” said Gollaon releasing the bow string.  “But I do not have to be happy about it.”

“There is a break in the line,” said Voddick pointing.  “Let us see if we can show their officers what we think of their policy,”

“Capital idea.”

Blood Banner

These banners are of bright red cloth but their edges are stained a darker red.  If there is any ornamentation it will be on the pike-staff, a heraldic symbol or state identification perhaps, but equally often they are unadorned.  The magic of the banner is activated by having a person wipe their blood on the banner which then ties them to the banner for the duration of the campaign.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Sword of the Saopha

6 March, 2018

BraveGollaon ducked behind a tree and Voddick knelt behind his shield, both tree and shield caught arrows.  “As long as the left flank holds, I think the battle is ours,” said Voddick.

“They will hold, their commander will see to it,” replied Gollaon, stepping out long enough to loose an arrow and then ducking back.

“The soldiers are solid too.  Now we just have to keep from being perforated before the fight ends.”

Sword of the Saopha

The blades of these finely made swords are usually decorated in gold or silver, detailing the heritage of the noble it was made for.  The grip is usually horn wrapped with leather or cord.  They are prized possession of the noble caste and losing one is seen as a stain on a family’s honor.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Unity of Purpose Shield

27 February, 2018

All together

Voddick recocked his crossbow.  “I have not seen such implacable foes since we fought the animate dead of the Laccini necrourgists.”

Gollaon released another arrow and made a face as it only embedded into a shield.  “I suspect such discipline is sorcerously enhanced.”

“I feared as much,” said Voddick slotting another bolt.  “So, victory of death is it?”

“For them, yes.  We can always flee,” answered Gollaon with a grim smile.

Unity of Purpose Shield

These heavy shields are emblazoned with the symbolism of the group, usually a state, that had them made.  Each group manufactured shares a similar appearance and iconography.

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