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Death and the Underworld in the Sea of Stars

30 March, 2011

Part of this month’s Blog Carnival – Life and Death in RPGs hosted by Campaign Mastery:

Everyone knows that the Dragons defeated the gods in a great war.  Only two gods survived the draconic conquest, the Sun, without which the world would become cold and dark and who was condemned to an eternity in chains, and the Moon, who was too capricious to be caught and who hides among the stars.  But in fact, that is not the whole truth, Death, without whom there is no end, survived, chained by the Dragon Empress to his iron throne the palace of ice and twilight in the Underworld beyond the Realm of Shadows.

La Porte de l'Enferphoto © 2009 Cayetano Delgado | more info (via: Wylio)
Death continued in his duties, for he was bound by laws as inexorable as his own role, but as he was trapped his ability to guide and direct the souls of the dead to their proper places was limited.  Further, his four Heralds had been slain during the war with the Dragons.  Because of this the system of the Underworld increasingly broke down, spirits that should have been reincarnated went astray or were lost all together, souls had difficulty finding their way to their expected afterlives.  The entire necrosystem was in danger of complete collapse.

To solve this problem, a new group of four Heralds needed to be recruited to act as Death’s agents in the Underworld and the Realm of Shadows.  To do so, they would have to met Death, venture through the Realm and Shodows and the Underworld to retrieve the four symbols of the previous heralds and reshape them into their own talismans of authority . . . Who would be up to such a task? Read the rest of this entry ?


Blast from the Past – Original Description of the Sea of Stars setting

29 November, 2010

As I am busy trying to wrap up NaNoWriMo, here is something from my files, the original presentation of the Sea of Stars setting:

Lost Among the Sea of Stars

Ages ago in the mists of time, there was a Great War.  The Gods, the greatest of the sorcerers, the paragons of the wizards, and the Dragons, the mightiest of all fought for supremacy among themself.  As we all know, the Dragons won . . . but at such a cost.  Heaven and Earth were torn asunder, the world itself was wounded near until death.  At the last, the Gods and wizards gave the last of their magic to bind the world together . . .

The last of the sorcerers had allied with the dragons and they too used their powers to bring the world back to life but the world had changed.  No longer the vast fields and towering mountains, the long seas and deep forest, now we are all adrift on islands in the Sea of Stars.  Only the last strength of the Gods and the mighty heart of the Dragon Queen keeps us for drifting apart forever. Read the rest of this entry ?


Words from the Empress

30 July, 2010

“The only things that matter are power and the truth, one can compel the other.”

“When you have chosen a destination, you must chose what you are willing to do to arrive there.”

“Some things you must fight for to make them true.”

“If you would fly so high that you can touch the stars, you must not be afraid of falling.”

The Empress of the Draconic Imperium


The Legend of Betrayal’s Tear

25 June, 2010

Once there was a god who made things, wonderful things, such as the weapons -thunderbolts, arrows of light, swords of flame- that were needed by the other gods.  While recognized as the greatest of craftsmen, he never felt appreciated by the others who used his creations.  He kept such thoughts to himself and kept making wonders, many of which never left his possession.

Read the rest of this entry ?

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