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Languages in the Sea of Stars and RPGs

30 April, 2010

Languages in RPGs seem to be much discussed right now, starting with World of Alidor asking if people had tried games with No Common LanguageOddessy carried on with that theme, discussing ideas about how a campaign with no common language might work.

Now, I have run campaign with fragmented languages and no official language of the ‘common tongue’ (a classic D&Dism, thanks Gary).  While sometimes the language issues can be fun as you work out who can talk to who and how the party will communicate with the person they just met . . . it can quickly become tiresome and can cause problems both in character and in game (“Oh, I could not have told Jackele that, we don’t share a language.”).  These problem can be overcome and some groups might relish the challenge of surmounting linguistic difficulties.

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