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Kickstarter Sunday – Trekker & Impossible Jones

15 May, 2022

Two writer-artists I highly respect have ongoing comic kickstarters that you should look at and back if they hit your interests.

From the KickstarterFirstly, Ron Randall’s TREKKER, is about Mercy St.Clair who is a bounty hunter (a ‘trekker’ in the setting parlance) who has gotten involved in all sorts of trouble including interfering with the plans of a powerful and secretive organization, the Council, who really want her out of the way. In the latest Kickstarter. Trekker: Blood on the Wind, this conflict hits hard. (You can learn more about Trekker here.)

If you like science fiction adventure, this is the sort of thing you are looking for, and Ron Randall’s art is fantastic (check out the Empress he did for me). The campaign ends May 26 so you have time to jump in! Eight stretch goals have already been hit so the physical book is going to look amazing!

Impossible you saySecond, as it ends later, is IMPOSSIBLE JONES, by Karl Kesel, about a criminal who gained superpowers and now, maybe, is a superhero, mostly. The story is an unabashedly silver age sort of super world, with light-hearted hijinx and action-packed conflicts between costumed villains and heroes. This kickstarter is for Impossible 2C: Impossible Jones & Polecat Team-Up, it is also fully funded and knocking down stretch goals, the current one for an Even Steven backup story that is currently three-pages long but could stretch to six with additional backers (hin-hint). Even Steven is an amazing character, someone who believes that good will always defeat evil as long as they are playing on an even playing field, so he always matches his foe. Fantastic.

The Imp Kickstarter runs until 2 June come and join in the fun!

Images from the respective Kickstarter pages and used without permission, but I expect they will forgive me.


Kickstarter – J E Shields Stock Art and Paper Minis (with Update)

11 October, 2017

Example art

Some of his work

The artist J.E . Shields (whose work I mentioned here) is having a Kickstarter for stock art and paper minis made from that stock art.  For $10 you can get the complete set of fifty paper minis while stock art packages start at $25 with a commercial license included!  You even get to suggest artwork (or get a guaranteed piece at the higher levels) that will be included.

And if the project raises its first $1,000 by Friday (less than $200 to go), James will add another five pieces of stock art to the collection at no extra cost!  UPDATE: This was met!  Next goal is $2,000 by end of Monday for five more extra illustrations.

So, if you are in need of stock art (like I am) or paper mini, consider signing up!  And please do so soon so we can get those extra five pieces of art.



Three Days Left on the Sea of Stars Kickstarter!

5 February, 2015

Come and join more than one hundred other gamers and visit the Sea of Stars!  Even our new stretch goals are tumbling as we close in on the final days.

Come and help us unlock a Savage Worlds conversion guide and a new adventure for everyone, the Mansion of the Shadow of Mar, which was the first adventure I ever ran for the Sea of Stars setting back in 2002 and I would be thrilled to turn it into a module for other people to use.

Sea of Stars Campaign Setting


Last Week of the Sea of Stars Kickstarter

1 February, 2015

My campaign setting Kickstarter ends next Sunday (my birthday) and so far it has been a great success, all of the initial stretch goals have been reached and we added new ones.  So, needless to say, I am very pleased with how it has been going but there is still more we can achieve . . . with your help.

Please visit the Sea of Stars Campaign Setting kickstarter, there is a free adventure to introduce you to the setting and I am happy to answer any questions.  I would like your help in making the Sea of Stars even better, so please support it if you can.

Thank you.


The Sea of Stars Kickstarter is now bigger!

29 January, 2015

We have hit the $2,600 stretch goal which increased the final Sea if Stars Campaign book size by about 20% to around 150 pages!

There are also new stretch goals, but there is only ten days left to get in on this, so please take and look and toss in some support if you like what you see.

Sea of Stars Campaign Sourcebook Kickstarter


Kickstarter News, a Friend’s Book and Help the Tigers and Leopards

15 January, 2015

The latest news from my Kickstarter is available, please read and support the Kickstarter if you can.

My friend Brandes Stoddard, who will be writing for the Sea of Stars Kickstarter, has just published a  ebook on Amazon, Dakrah’s Familiar (Tales of Aurikesh Book 1). Take a look if you need a fantasy story to read.

The Regenerative Bioscience Center of the University of Georgia is trying to Save Endangered Species: the Sumatran Tiger and the Clouded Leopard.  It is a worthy goal and an good way to advance several interesting fields of study.  Please help if you can, I have tossed my bit in.


Sea of Stars Kickstarter – News from Week 1

7 January, 2015

Well much to my surprise and pleasure at the end of the first week, the Sea of Stars Campaign Setting Kickstarter is funded!  Not only that, but we have achieved the first two stretch goals!

The Sea of Stars Companion PDF will feature writing by:

It will also feature magic items, spells and monsters created for various supporters of the Kickstarter and it is a free addition to anyone who has pledged at the Ethereal Scholar ($12 for the PDF) tier or above.

You can also talk about the Sea of Stars in its Google Plus community if that is your thing.  Happy to take question here or there.


The Sea of Stars Kickstarter is Funded! Please help us reach some stretch goals.

5 January, 2015

Good News, Everyone!

Thanks Professor Farnsworth.

Earlier today the Sea of Star Campaign Sourcebook Kickstarter hit its funding goal!  Thank you everyone who has support it so far.

We have some great stretch goals that are with in easy reach, writing by Ben Baugh (noted game author), Brandes Stoddard, and Trey Causey to contribute to a Sea of Stars Companion PDF which would be a bonus beyond the base campaign setting.  More art.  Conversion guides to FATE or D&D5 or both.  And more.

So, please take a look, download the free adventure and take if for a spin and if it appeals to you, toss in some support.

Let us boldly go.



Only one week out to the Sea of Stars Kickstarter!

24 December, 2014

And I need to record a video, really nervous about that but I will do my best.

See my last update for a general framework of my plans.

Added another artist, my lovely wife has agreed to do a few pieces for the sourcebook as well!

Oh, and everyone have a happy and safe Christmas Eve!


Two Weeks until the Sea of Stars Kickstarter begins

17 December, 2014

Yes, and I am terribly unprepared.  But I will get it started this year even if only barely.

I will definitely have a short adventure, Rogue Island, as a free download so that people can get a taste of the Sea of Stars and what the setting is like.

The current plan is to produce an illustrated PDF, about 120 pages, broken down (roughly) as follows:

  • Introduction to and history of the Sea of Stars, 12 pages
  • New and adapted species with support material, 24 pages
  • Magic items, spells and such, 24 pages
  • New Monsters, 20 pages
  • The world and places to visit, 20 pages
  • GM Advice and adventure seeds, 20 pages

Most of this, apart from the GM advice, I already have written just not organized into a form ready for publication but then it will need to be properly vetted and edited, art commissioned and proper layout make it readable and interesting.

What would people want to see more of?  Less of (down to none at all)?  The initial mechanics would be for Pathfinder but I would be happy to include a D&D5 or FATE adaption or both as stretch goals.

In other stretch goals, I have tentative agreements from Ben Baugh (noted game author), Brandes Stoddard, and Trey Causey to contribute to a Sea of Stars Companion PDF which would be a bonus beyond the base campaign setting.

Here is a list of some of the artists I hope to have involved on the project, but always looking for more.

I would love to hear back from you about what you would like to see in such a kickstarter and what would make you more likely to participate in one for the Sea of Stars.  Thank you in advance.

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