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Whispering Bees (A to Z, W)

27 April, 2022

The air was filled with bees moving to and fro, visiting flowers and performing their tasks.  But listening closely, there was more than a buzz in the air, there were words formed by the harmony of the bees’ wings.  “The weather will change soon, we must hurry,” was all he could make out before he was dragged away by his companion.  “Best not to listen in on the language of the bees, sometimes, they wish to keep their secrets.”

Buzz buzzThe whispering bees seem to spontaneously manifest among certain hives for reasons as yet unknown, though once awakened, only exterminating the entire hive will stop the whispering.  Once a hive has awakened into whispering bees, the new bees are slightly larger but much more capably, stronger, faster, and more efficient in their tasks.  For whatever reason, a whispering hive communicates, whisper-wise, in whatever is the dominant local language which they also understand,

Listening to the whispers of the bees reveals much about their tasks and what problems are interfering with such.  This whispered communication allows the hive to react rapidly to changing circumstances and threats.

One hive is relatively intelligent but when there are multiple hives of whispering bees in an area, they integrate into a network, with three or more hives being as small as an average person.  Adding more hives does not really make them smarter but does give them more information to work with.  Additionally, the more hives, the more esoteric the discussions become.  On occasion, they are sought out by philosophers and others seeking information.

People can come to agreements with whispering bees and there are various specialists who work with the whispering bees and retrieve their honey and wax in exchange for what the bees need which is often very mundane but rarely very esoteric indeed.

Notes: I thought I needed some more insects for this project.  And, I suspect, partly inspired by Gavotte, an intelligent swarm of bees from the delightful webcomic Skin Horse.

ImagePhoto by Jon Sullivan on Pixnio used under Creative Commons 0 license.


Tuesday Magic Item – Guardian Hive Amulet

18 May, 2021

Bees“I like bees, they are very industrious,” said Voddick, watching one fly by.

“Our new charges seems quite fond of them as well,” said Gollaon, looking around.

“The bees seem to like them as well, one happy family,” said Voddick with a smile.

“I suspect that has to do with the amulet.”

“That right, it has a bee design, does it not.”

“I suspect that is what cements the friendship.”

Guardian Hive Amulet

These amulets are usually made of precious metals and amber in the shape of a bee (or bees), honey combs and similar motifs.  In appropriate climbs, bees are attracted to the wearer but are never hostile (unless attacked by the wearer). Read the rest of this entry ?


New Spell – Carapace of Insects

10 January, 2012

The last words of the spell were more of a sequence of clicking sounds than words and within seconds, the sorcerer’s body was swarmed by insects.  Moments later, the cover became living armor as the interlocked layers of beetles moved with his body.

Carapace of Insects

School conjuration (summoning) [insect]; Level Druid 4, Sor/Wiz 4, Sum 4; Domain Insect 3

Guardian Bees

Guardian Bees

Read the rest of this entry ?

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