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Organization – the Bar-Sana Guild

14 May, 2011

 The Bar-Sana Guild


Balance the Scales

History: The guild was formed many years ago, as the aftermath of the Gods War and the Sundering began to sort itself out, a small group saw that while the dragons had the potential for great evil and great control, they were not omniscient.  They saw that the new age of dragons could be opposed, if the opposition was subtle and careful, and perhaps, one day, overthrown.

This small group chose to follow this long term strategy, forming the Bar-Sana merchant company.  They were active in transporting refugees to safety and gathering wealth from the wreckage of temples and ruins.  They carefully recruited new members from the refugees as they build up their wealth and position as merchants.

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New Spell and Magic Item – Mark of the Guild

13 September, 2010

You know this is the real thing, the mark of the guild proves that it is pure and unadulterated.  If someone had tampered with it the mark would have vanished away.  Buy with confidence!

Mark of the Guild

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New Spell – Ward against Thieves

10 September, 2010

The Guilds armor their guildhalls and best workshops against the likes of us.  So, do not try and rob them without the right preparations.  Oh, I can tell you what you will need . . . for a price.

-Black Leg Lan, Master Thief

Ward against Thieves

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New Spell – Guilder’s Oath

6 September, 2010

The windows of the goldsmith’s hall were covered with cloth of gold and guards with halberds stood outside all of the doors.  Only the faint light of scores of candles could be seen through the cracks and the low chants could be heard from inside where the new masters were taking the oaths that would bind them to the guild.

Guilder’s Oath

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