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Tuesday Magic Item – Shadowstealer

4 October, 2022

Dark cloak for a dark soulGollaon moved quickly aside, almost skipping away as the black-dressed mage swept by.

Voddick watched them go.  “What was that is aid of?” he asked once the wizard was out of earshot.

“Did you see?  No shadow,” said Gollaon.

“That is not good.”

“Not good at all.”


These cloaks, if there are indeed more than one, are of a dark cloth that often seems black but occasionally other dark colors can be seen within.  It never seems to wear or stain, always dark, always complete.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Ghost Clock

1 December, 2020

Ghost of time“Something is . . . off about this place,” said Gollaon raising the lantern.

“Agreed, though I cannot say what,” replied Voddick looking around.

“Do you hear that?” asked Gollaon, tilting his head to listen.  “The clock?”

“The ruined clock?”

“Oh dear.”

Ghost Clock

These clocks are the remnants of once beautiful and complex pieces of time-keeping machinery.  Something has happened to them and their relationship to time has become detached and disruptive to the flow of time around them. Read the rest of this entry ?

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