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Tuesday Magic Item – Aztra Windrose’s Matchmaking Goblets

17 August, 2021

Drink and learn“Ah, young love,” said Gollaon watching the two young nobles chatting away.

“The matchmaker has a keen eye and ear for couples,” agreed Voddick.

“She is very good,” agreed Gollaon sipping at his fine.  “It is nice to see an expert at work.”

“Truth.  I am going to suggest that she could find good work back in my homeland.”

“This is a good thought.  Maybe we can convince her to hire us as escorts and guides?”

Aztra Windrose’s Matchmaking Goblets

These goblets are usually simple and elegant with a place to engrave coats of arms or other family symbols they are usually made in matched pairs (or whatever number is usually needed for dynastic marriages in the culture).  The coats of arms or other symbols with manifest when they are used. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Gran Sugarfoot’s Comforting Tea Set

10 August, 2021

TeaSetVoddick inhaled the aroma of the brewing tea.  “I am not normally much of a tea drinker, but today, it seems just right.”

Gollaon nodded.  “It is like being at home as a child.  I can almost see my mother.”

“Honey and cream?” asked Gran Sugarfoot.  “You two spend so much time out and about.  You need your moments of comfort.”

“Just honey,” said Voddick.

“Both please and thank you again for your kindness,” said Gollaon.

“It is nothing to worry about,” said Gran Sugarfoot with a smile as she poured tea into cups.

Gran Sugarfoot’s Comforting Tea Set

These tea sets, tea pot, strainer, six cups and saucers, are hand made and seem a bit fragile but somehow they never seem to break, maybe the occasional chip but that just adds character, right? Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Distaff of Teaching

7 January, 2020

Hard work but vitalVoddick rode up to the old woman walking down the road, a distaff cradled in the crook of her arm.  “Need you an escort to the next village, grandmother?” he asked with a polite nod.

She nodded back.  “Should I feel safe traveling with such a disreputable pair?”

Gollaon crossed his hands over his heart.  “Disreputable?  You wound me.  Rakish, perhaps.”

“Well, if you are only raking, then you may accompany me,” said the old woman with a wink.

“Charmed,” smiled Gollaon.

“Honored,” nodded Voddick.

Distaff of Teaching

These distaffs are made of a simple length of wood, carved with blessing, carefully waxed and polished.  Such items are often overlooked as being potential magical or even valuable but are important to the spinning of raw fiber into thread for cloth.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Festival Blessing Token

24 December, 2019

Take this and be safeVoddick put his feet up by the fire and sipped at his posset.  “Good to have some time to just rest without madmen and monster chasing after us.”

Gollaon swirled the mulled wine is his goblet.  “Truth, my friend.”

“While reflection, indeed, having the time to reflect, is not in our usual purview,” said Voddick, “it occurs to me now, that this is why I fight.  To allow people to have these happy times, free from fear.”

“It is a good goal,” nodded Gollaon. “And, yes, one I share in.  I would love to see a peaceful world, full of festivals and good cheer.”

“And it would give you more time for your preferred pursuits,” replied Voddick with a wink.

“There is truth to it though . . .”

Festival Blessing Token

These simple tokens are given as gifts during festivals, usually by friends and family, and their magic lasts until expended (or a year has passed) which ever comes first.  In fact, their magic only is activated when given as a gift during a festival, they tap into the enchantment generated by the event to activate their abilities.  Though a person may only have one of these items active at a time, not matter how many they received.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Beltane Blessed Ember

1 May, 2018

Voddick sipped at his ale and watched the bonfire blaze.  “They seem to be enjoying themselves.”

Bonfires for Beltane“Nothing like this in your homeland?” asked Gollaon as he exchanging glances with a group of young adults.

“A bit more regimented and solemn.”

“I am not surprised.  Your homeland truck me as quite laconic.”

“Just so.”

Beltane Blessed Ember

This is an ember from a Beltane bonfire stored in a specially prepared box, it carries with it the blessing of the day throughout the year.  The box is pleasantly warm and if opened, the ember produces as much light as a candle.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Harvest Crown

1 August, 2017

So regal, so cuteVoddick grabbed another mug of ale as the platter went by.  “It is lovely to actually get a chance to enjoy a festival.”

Gollaon played a short tune on his flute and then said, “Indeed.  Good to be able to enjoy the fruits of our work for once.”

“So true, the town is safe, the beer is tasty and the music is good,” said Voddick with a broad smile.

“A welcome diversion before we return to work.”

“I will drink to that.”

Harvest Crown

These crowns are made of woven plants newly harvested and woven into patterns traditional to the community making them.  Sometimes there is only one awarded, sometimes two, but almost never more than that.  The crowns remain fresh and strong for a year and then suddenly become dry and brittle, breaking apart at the slightest touch.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Naming Love Poem

4 April, 2017

PoemGollaon watched their charge from around the corner speaking to the one who had caught their eye, being careful not to be seen by either.

“Foolishness, it is,” quietly grumbled Voddick.  “We should have kept safely locked in the inn.  Where trouble would have to find us, not the other way around.”

“You have not a single romantic bone in your body, my friend,” replied Gollaon with a smile.  “Let young love run free.”

“As long as it does not run us into trouble, I will be happy.”

Naming Love Poem

This poem is a form of ritual magic, the poem itself has become so well known that it has acquired its own magic.  To activate its magic, the person who wishes to confess their love must copy the poem by hand or recite it in front of at least six witnesses.  They must either have a token of the person they wish to confess their love to, a lock of hair is preferred, or name them at the end of the poem.  The whole process cannot take less than two minutes and usually takes more, especially if the poem is being copied.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Village Ooser

17 January, 2017

The Ooser judges youVoddick and Gollaon watched the man ride by on a donkey, facing backward, while the crowd made a terrible din,banging on pans and other things.  Children ran behind taunting the man and tossing pebbles at him.

“Poor unfortunate,” said Gollaon.

“There are no harsher judges than one’s neighbors.” agreed Voddick.  “Hopefully he will survive his shame.”

“I shall have to behave myself here, that donkey ride seems unpleasant for all,” added Gollaon with a wry smile.

Village Ooser

These massive masks are ancient folk magic, traditionally cut from a single block of timber, with the exception of the lower jaw, which is movable and connected to the rest of the mask by cloth or leather hinges.  The lower jaw can be moved by pulling on a string which passed through a hole in the upper jaw to connect to the lower with locks of hair on either side of its head, a beard on its chin, and a pair of bullock’s horns.  It has two purposes, to use as punishment of those who violate the village norm and in ceremonial usage or defense of the village.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Hangmanay Black Bun

31 December, 2013

Black BunAs so, as the New Year began, people sang and danced, visiting their friends home, hoping to bring them luck as the first-foot across the threshold.  Gifts were exchanged to symbolize such hopes, including salt, short bread and black bun to bring good fortune to all in the New Year.

Food was eaten, drinks drunk and songs sung as friends and neighbors welcomed the New Year with hope and festivities.

Hangmanay Black Bun

Like all black buns, this is a fruit cake wrapped in pastry.  The cake itself is a traditional fruit cake, including ingredients such as raisins and currants along with spices such as cinnamon, black pepper and allspice.  There is always some secret ingredient by each baker and prayers and blessings are usually spoken over the black bun as it is baking.

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