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Fantastic Location – the Third Celestial Armory (landed)

1 February, 2021

Third Celestial Armory

Armory of the HeavensBefore the Gods War, the gods maintained homes and more in the floating heavens above the world, the Gods of War maintained four armories for the storing of weapons for the hosts of the heavens.  They were among the first targets of the dragons, quickly overrun by the surprise assaults.

The First Armory was destroyed by the determined actions of its last defender, being consumed by divine fire and lightning.  The Second plunged into the Silver Sea, breaking apart and vanishing beneath the waves.  The Fourth was the site of the counterattack by the Red Banner flight and the Seven Sons of the Sword, Ba’ai’ai held the armory but it was almost entirely destroyed in the process.

The Third was seized by the General and deliberately brought down onto the lands where the Empress would establish her capital.  It landed at a slight angle and attempts to level it have never entirely succeeded, leaving the building canted at a slight angle (about 3 degrees).  In addition to what was captured in the armory when it was seized, various other weapon of divine origin acquire by the Empress and her servants have ended up there.  It is rare that such weapon are authorized for use by the Imperial forces but they remain as a potent symbol of Imperial authority.

The armory building itself is a massive pyramid of gleaming white stone with fitting of a bluish-white metal.  It is unadorned but imposing with its stark lines.  Only the most trusted of the Imperial military are assigned to duty guarding the armory while in buildings that have grown up outside, the military bureaucracy goes about its tasks.

Rarely, tours are offered of the armory usually for visitors from afar to impress them with the might of the Draconic Imperium, but, it is said, that a suitable bribe to the right member of the bureaucracy will allow one to join such a tour.

Why would one want to visit such a place?  To learn about the divine weaponry of the past, perhaps to compare to an item you have or have heard stories about.  To case the joint for a daring heist.   To understand the resource the Dragon Empress has.

Notes: My first contribution towards this month’s RPG Blog Carnival.

Photo Royal Armory at Leeds by Lofty found on Wikimedia Commons and used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


Fantastic Location – the Snowfall of Irasosia

15 January, 2012

The Snowfall of Irasosia

The river Iir winds through the lands of Irasosia until it reaches the Heights of Winter as it tumbles over the lip, it freezes into snowflake, floating down the hundred or so feet as beautiful clouds of snow.  It piles at the bottom is massive drifts.



As if this snowfall was not usual enough, the snow formed of Iir water does not melt until it comes into contact with fire or liquid.  This allows the snow to be stored and transported.  The Irasosia Snow Company packages snow in casks and barrels which are in turned shipped all across the Sea of Stars.  Naturally, casks of Iir Snow are considered to be a luxury item in many places.

A few years ago, when the water falling over the Heights of Winter failed to turn to snow for almost half an hour.  The workers were thrown into a brief panic, and several injuries were caused, and production (filling) of snow casks and barrels fell behind a full two weeks.

Notes: This is part of this month’s RPG Blog Carnival: Fantastic Locations hosted by Keith Davies.

The brief interruption in the snowfall was inadvertently caused by a group of adventurers, but this is not widely known.

Photo by William Klos and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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