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Blast from the Past – Original Description of the Sea of Stars setting

29 November, 2010

As I am busy trying to wrap up NaNoWriMo, here is something from my files, the original presentation of the Sea of Stars setting:

Lost Among the Sea of Stars

Ages ago in the mists of time, there was a Great War.  The Gods, the greatest of the sorcerers, the paragons of the wizards, and the Dragons, the mightiest of all fought for supremacy among themself.  As we all know, the Dragons won . . . but at such a cost.  Heaven and Earth were torn asunder, the world itself was wounded near until death.  At the last, the Gods and wizards gave the last of their magic to bind the world together . . .

The last of the sorcerers had allied with the dragons and they too used their powers to bring the world back to life but the world had changed.  No longer the vast fields and towering mountains, the long seas and deep forest, now we are all adrift on islands in the Sea of Stars.  Only the last strength of the Gods and the mighty heart of the Dragon Queen keeps us for drifting apart forever. Read the rest of this entry ?


The Legend of Betrayal’s Tear

25 June, 2010

Once there was a god who made things, wonderful things, such as the weapons -thunderbolts, arrows of light, swords of flame- that were needed by the other gods.  While recognized as the greatest of craftsmen, he never felt appreciated by the others who used his creations.  He kept such thoughts to himself and kept making wonders, many of which never left his possession.

Read the rest of this entry ?


The Empress, distant and threatening

22 June, 2009

In Friday’s post we looked at Who is the Empress? Today, we look at her role in a campaign.

The Empress is the biggest of big bads in the Sea of Stars, the most powerful of the dragons who rule the world.  However, she is a very laissez-faire in the structure of her rule.  There are only a small number of Imperial Edicts which are universally enforced and Imperial Taxes will be collected but other than that, each dragon or draconic house is free to rule their territories as they see fit.

As the Empress embodies the Dominae Philosophy, that the strong rule because of their strength, she does not ban conflict between dragons or even wars between the lands that comprise her Empire.  Though there is a formal and ritual element to proper challenges between dragons that the Empress, or her agents, will oversee.  The Empress herself is even willing to meet formal challenges to her status on the field, from dragons or mortals, but no one has been so bold for over two hundred years.

Defeating the Empress could be an end point for a campaign but it would be a great challenge.  She has been preparing to defend herself from threats, direct and indirect, for two millenia and has near infinite resources at her disposal.  However, if the player do not aim so high, she is likely to accept, perhaps even reward, their success as it too proves her philosophy.

“The strong rule by right of strength alone; nothing else is needed.”


Who is the Empress?

19 June, 2009

Firstly, an apology, there was a big fire in downtown Athens, GA, which disrupted my morning leading to the lateness of this post, but luckily no one seems to have been hurt by it.


The Dragon Empress is an enigma, undoubtably the most powerful being in the entire Sea of Stars, she is rarely seen and acts even more rarely.  What is known of  her – her name has been sorcerously erased from the knowledge of the world- is that she was not the strongest, nor the eldest, nor the richest of the dragons, but she was the most charismatic and clever.   She spread the philosophy of Dominae, putting into words what the dragons felt, that the strong alone deserve to rule.

Over more than half a millennium, she built a conspiracy among the dragons, cajoling, bribing and manipulating her kin into a unified force.  It was a difficult and dangerous path, she debated, and occasional fought, those who opposed her vision, out thought her enemies and survived hunters.  But slowly, all the dragons fell in line behind her vision.

Then, as one, the dragons rose into the heaven to cast down the gods.  The losses were tremendous, we know all of the Empress’ children perished in the war,  but the dragons were victorious.  The Sun was captured, the islands bound and the future of the world was saved.  With the aid of her Seven Stars, her inner circle of dragons, she structured the Empire, divided the lands among the dragons and withdrew from the public eye to administer it.  It is said she knows everything that happens in the Sea of Stars, but surely that cannot be true.

Her appearance?  That of a white-gold dragon of a beautiful line and terrible visage, not exceptionally large but of great grace and poise.  But she is rarely seen in public even in her own capital.

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