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More Elves of the Sea of Stars

8 January, 2012

On Friday, I looked at the Elves of the Sea of Stars and their politics.  Today, we will look at them a bit more in Pathfinder mechanics.

In general, use the mechanics for the elves as as written for Pathfinder with the following changes:

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Elves of the Sea of Stars

6 January, 2012

Elves (Earthkine)

The Elves almost died out as a race following the Sundering, they are deeply tied to the world and many fell sick or died when the world shattered.  With the loss of their divine patrons there was little to do to heal and comfort those who fell and many never recovered.  Even today, they live under the curse of the Sundering, every elf child born is born without something.  For some, it is something physical, a finger or an eye, sometime it is something metaphysical, an inability to sing or to perceive the color red, but they are all missing something . . . like the world itself, they are forever incomplete.

The elves may have wished to oppose the domination of the dragons, but many of their finest wizards and most powerful sorcerers had already perished before the Sundering broke them further.  The weakening of their race in the aftermath eliminated them as a threat as far as the dragons were concerned.  Slowly, the elven race has recovered but it has remained a shadow of what it once was.

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Review – Player Races: the Dark Elf

29 September, 2011

Beneath the earth, the Dark Elves plot revenge against the surface.  A classic fantasy role-playing race (done as a lovely homage to their first AD&D appearances) for Savage Worlds.  If the classic evil elves have a place in the underworld of your Savage World campaign, take a look.

Player Races: the Dark Elf is a 4-page PDF for the Savage Worlds RPG written by Steven Trustrum and published by Misfit Studios.  This is part of Misfit Studio’s Officially Licenced Savage Worlds material.

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Conscience of the Eight – Remorseless Killer and Hunter of Sen’tek

30 August, 2010

Conscience of the Eight, Remorseless Killer and Hunter of Sen’tek

Quote: Some would feel regret on leaving you to lie in a pool of your own blood, I may, but only because I have stood too close and bloodied my boots.
Tell me of your conscience, what would it have you not do?

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