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New Monster – Deep Miner

27 January, 2012

A sickly green glow lights the corridor as an emaciated specter of a dwarven miner emerges from the wall.  The wreckage of a dwarven soul mutters to himself, his eyes unfocused until he sees the gold ring on your finger.  “Gold!” it cries, a spectral pick appearing in its hand as it charges towards you.

Deep Miner                                                  CR 5 (1,600 XP)
NE medium undead (incorporeal)
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Azania Toysmith at Nevermet Press

9 September, 2009

Today my latest contribution to the ongoing content production at Nevermet Press is up.

Todays piece is a new nonplayer character for use in the Automated Antagonist cycle: Azania Toysmith, Dwarven Clockworker, but also useful if you need a skilled dwarven clockworker to aid your party.



Delcemmer Ruby – Priest of the Undying Sun

3 August, 2009

The first August character, appropriately the very first NPC from the Sea of Stars:

Delcemmer Ruby, Blind Dwarven Priest of the Undying Sun

Quote: Like the gentle touch of the morning sun on skin is the healing gift of his power.
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