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Tuesday Magic Item – Compass of New Worlds

11 May, 2021

Lead the way to adventure!“Well, good bye city life, hello new lands,” said Gollaon as the breeze ruffled their hair.

“I was enjoying city life.  A variety of ales and meats makes me quite happy,” said Voddick, only complaining a little.

“Well, there will be new ales and new meals as we travel,” said Gollaon leaning against the ship’s rail.

“Of the later, I have no doubt, the former . . .”

“Have we traveled anywhere where there was not some sort of ale, beer or wine?”

“Not yet, but there is always a first!”

Compass of New Worlds

These compasses are rare, having originally been made for the god of exploration, the design survived and has been replicated by they are challenging to build.  They are ship’s compasses made of fine materials and kept in sturdy and warded boxes to keep them from harm (and malign influences). Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Amulet of Mind Tricks

4 May, 2021

From far away and a distant time“Our new charge seem more more confident after acquiring that old amulet,” said Voddick before taking a sip of ale.

“Agreed,” said Gollaon.  He paused to dip some bread in his wine.  “Did you say odd or old?  Because it is both.”

“Old, but you are correct.  That iconography on it seems . . . very out of place.”

Gollaon looked back to see if he could get a better look, but no luck.  “I think it is something old or modeled on something old.  I have seen similar symbols on ancient ruins.”

Voddick nodded.  “We should try to learn more about it before it get our charge, or us, into trouble.”

Amulet of Mind Tricks

These amulets are old or, at least, give the impression of vast antiquity and being from a distant land.  They are always decorated with runes and symbols usually around a central design, usually made of brass decorated with gold or silver, occasional a crystal is inset, but this is not universal. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Weapons of the Arms-Sworn (A to Z)

27 April, 2021

A sword being refitted before being handed to the next generation“They are an odd lot, the arms-sworn.” said Voddick, “they managed to build a new society out of disaster and they have made it work for centuries.  Societies with easier births have fallen much sooner.”

“Perhaps it is because of that difficult birth that they have managed so well,” said Gollaon.  “Tempered metal is often stronger after all.”  He grinned at his friend.

“That’s right, throw my own proverb back at me,” replied Voddick with a smile and shake of his head.

“See, I have been paying attention, just not all the time.”

Weapons of the Arms-Sworn

Like the Arm-Sworn, these weapon are practical first, always well made and as they become heirlooms and are passed down from generation to generation, they begin to accumulate decorations and accoutrements especially if they have become part of someone’s story.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Quizzing Glass of Quizzicalness (A to Z)

20 April, 2021

Watching you, quizzing youVoddick finished cleaning his cosh.  “For ruffians they were not willing to put up much of a fight.”

“I suspect they were hired to put a scare into us and were not expecting us to fight back,” said Gollan.

“Our charge was more competent than I expected with that cane they carry,” said Voddick.

“Yes, between the three of us, we gave them a solid beating.”

“Indeed,” said Voddick, “but we must be more careful from now on.  The next group will be more serious, and more dangerous, when it comes to turning our client from their path.”

Quizzing Glass of Quizzicalness

These are quizzing glasses, a lens on a handle, some are magnifying lenses, other corrective, and the handles range from simple to extravagant.  They are often worn on a chain or ribbon around the neck.  While useful for investigation they also have their place as social tools.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Kavall’s Inquisitive Kit (A to Z)

13 April, 2021

What you need is inside“Well, I am glad to be back in a city,” said Voddick.

“As am I and a relaxing job, body-guarding an inquisitive,” said Gollaon.

“They are very diligent in the study of the area,” said Voddick, a note of approval in his voice.

“It is hard to know what will prove to be guide to the villains responsible.”

“And if we find them, I suspect our lives will be considerably less quiet,” said Voddick, instinctively checking his weapons.

Kavall’s Inquisitive Kit

The first of these kits was made for the skilled inquisitive Osimant Kavall who advocated a rigorous and systematic approach to inquisitive investigations.  There use has since spread throughout the inquisitive community,well among the successful ones in any case.  It is a large bag, the style of which depends on who is was made for, the original was an oxblood red leather case with brass fittings.  Inside are sample bottles, tools for investigation, notebooks, pens and inks. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Ender’s Dagger (A to Z)

6 April, 2021

End the demon's threat“Turning to demons for aid, despicable,” said Voddick.

“Such magic is cheap and dirty but sadly effective,” said Gollaon as he reached down to make sure the dagger was still there.

“The little demons are dangerous enough are you sure that toy is up to dealing with their leader?”

“If luck is with us,” said Gollaon.  “But I can not be sure a single hit will do it, I will have to get in close.”

“I’ll be there beside you.  You do your job and I will keep you alive long enough so you can.”

Ender’s Dagger

This daggers are plain except for inscription against a specific other realm foe (angels, demons, devils or similar) often written in the language of their traditional enemies.  The daggers are well made but almost all are manufactured as fighting weapons with the very rare ceremonial version. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Guardian’s Sword

30 March, 2021

Take up the sword to defend“Good to be standing in defense of the people again,” said Gollaon.

Voddick looked over the half a dozen poorly armed militia standing with them.  “I appreciate their bravery.  But I think the lady of the manor will be our strongest ally, she and her sword look ready to fight.”

“That sword wants to help us, its magic is old and it seeks to defend,” said Gollaon.

“You know that by looking at it?”

“No, she told me last night.”

Guardian’s Sword

The guardian’s sword is always a superb example of the swordsmith’s art, sometimes they have simple decoration but they are never flashy or elaborate.  They are always practical weapons designed for use at their core. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Elephant Foot Shield

23 March, 2021

Shield of WarGollaon loosed another arrow as Voddick recocked his crossbow.  “Another day, another exchange of missiles with rival skirmishers,” said Gollaon.  “Gets the heart beating.”

“It would be more enjoyable if they were worse shots,” grumbled Voddick.

“The using of poisoned arrows is a bit unsporting too.”

“At least we are not down there,” said Voddick, “among the spears and swords.”

“Truth.  I like having cover.”


Elephant Foot Shield

These large shields are made of elephant hide over hard wood, sometime decorated, sometime not.  Often they are made to look like the legs of elephants, but the hide used to make them can come from any part of the elephant. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Army Cooking Pot

16 March, 2021

Let's get cooking!“Well, the food is filling and hot,” said Voddick before taking another bite.

“We have certainly had worse.  Nice to be working with someone who appreciates that people need to be fed properly,” said Gollaon washing some food down with a sip of watered wine.  “Shame they cannot be as lavish with the wine.”

“At least you have wine,” said Voddick.  “I could murder a good mug of ale.”

“Perhaps in the next town?”

“I hope so.”

Army Cooking Pot

Theses cook pots come in two sizes, large and really, really large.   Made of cast metal almost always emblazoned with the symbol of the military it was made for be it a king’s coat of arms or the sign of a military unit, the ownership is prominently displayed. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Spear of the Conqueror

9 March, 2021

Chase out the hated somebody“Why are there so many relics that inspire would be tyrants?” asked Voddick.  He took aim and released a bolt.  “It is the poor dolts they convince to follow them I feel sorry for.”

“Truth, my friend,” agreed Gollaon.  “But they seem very committed to their leaders.”

“Unfortunately true,” said Voddick as he recocked his crossbow.  “But still, cannot help but feel for them and their families.”

“But when it is us or them,” said Gollaon with a sigh.

“It will be them.”

Spear of the Conqueror

These spears are heavily built, made of strong wood carefully reinforced with metal.  While well made, they often show signs of use.  In the right light, words can be seen along the blade, usually something encouraging conquest and victory and changing from viewing to viewing, always encouraging its bearer to action and conquer. Read the rest of this entry ?

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