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Altacia, City of the Dogmen (A to Z Challenge, A)

1 April, 2015


The City of AltaciaThe Dogfolk did not appear in the ruins of the city of Altacia, once the stronghold of the Warrior’s cult before the Sundering, until a generation after the gods were cast down.  What caused the spontaneous uplifting of the packs of wolves and wild dogs who prowled the ruins is unknown but since then, the city and surrounding area have been restored and the Dogfolk have thrived and expanded throughout the local region.

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Places in the Sea of Stars – The Legalist Monarchy of Arachast

27 February, 2012

“Learn the law, obey the law, live the law.  Such is the way of Arachast.”

The Legalist Monarchy of Arachast

Law or Justice?


In the aftermath of the sundering, the kingdom of Arachast suffered heavily.  Rivers changed course or dried up, the climate shifted instantly, crops that once grew well now died.  The king could not handle the strain and broke, the only one with the status to take over was the high judge.  She did not shirk this task and imposed order, from this order flowed new rules and new laws, reordering the kingdom from top to bottom.  The High Judge’s daughter, also a trained legal scholar, married the crown prince, their son was the first High Judge-King of Arachast.

Arachast runs on an efficient set of complex laws administered from the capital of Arachasti.  The walls of the throne room of the palace is inscribed with the basic laws of the land and are open to students and visitors when court is not in session.  Vast legal libraries and courts of law are scattered across the capital, many of the jurists are in constant rivalry for status and positions.

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Elves of the Sea of Stars

6 January, 2012

Elves (Earthkine)

The Elves almost died out as a race following the Sundering, they are deeply tied to the world and many fell sick or died when the world shattered.  With the loss of their divine patrons there was little to do to heal and comfort those who fell and many never recovered.  Even today, they live under the curse of the Sundering, every elf child born is born without something, this is The Lack.  For some, it is something physical, a finger or an eye, sometime; it is something metaphysical, an inability to sing or to perceive the color red, but they are all missing something . . . like the world itself, they are forever incomplete.

The elves may have wished to oppose the domination of the dragons, but many of their finest wizards and most powerful sorcerers had already perished before the Sundering broke them further.  The weakening of their race in the aftermath eliminated them as a threat as far as the dragons were concerned.  Slowly, the elven race has recovered but it has remained a shadow of what it once was.

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Organization – Eosiante Directorate of Magic

5 July, 2010

We do what must be done for Eosiant, magic must be controlled and brought to serve the Kingdom’s need.   Lone wizards and cults of unnamed gods cannot be allowed to upset the stability of our Kingdom . . . but their knowledge can be pressed into service with or without their cooperation.

Eosiente Directorate of Magic

The actual government of the Kingdom of Eosiant has become centralized as it has expanded, one of the branches that has become extremely influential is the Directorate of Magic.  Originally founded to license practitioners of magic, essentially enforcing a government monopoly on who was allowed to practice magic their duties have expanded to locating and eliminating unlicensed practitioners of magic, illegal cults and acting as an unofficial foreign intelligence service.

Goal: Magic for the success of the Kingdom

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The Otherworld Lands of the Sea of Stars

5 April, 2010

Before the Sundering, the world that would become the Sea of Stars was very orderly in its organization.  There was:

  • The World, where all things mortal live.
  • The Heavens Above, primarily occupied by the gods and their servitors.
  • The Underworld below, home to diabolic creatures and souls in torment.
  • The Shadowlands, though which the dead would travel and which touched on the World.
  • The Otherworld Lands, where the spirits and petty gods existed away from, but aware of, the Worlds.  Here is where the fey creatures dwelled and where the Courts of the Seasons held sway.
  • The Elemental Realms, part yet not of the world, the essences which may be the building blocks of reality remain.

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The Seven Gate Cities

1 January, 2010

To begin the month of doors and travel, we look at one of the way to travel in the Sea of Stars:

The Seven Gate Cities

The metaphysical reality that underlies the Sea of Stars was also rent by the Sundering.  This had the effect of making the modes of magical translocation, such as teleportation, unreliable and dangerous unless the transported can see their destination.  The exceptions are the Seven Gate Cities which provide a stable transportation portal to and from Shel’lioc, and only to Shel’lioc.  Each gate is open for an hour and a half, twice a day, once for traffic going to Shel’lioc and once for traffic going out from Shel’lioc.

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New Campaign – Taren Kost Revisited

8 October, 2009

As my last campaign failed due to my lack of commitment and the players lack of interest, we have decided to start again.  Having just watched the fantastic 1970s versions of the Three and Four Musketeers, we decided to an try an urban campaign using Pathfinder.

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Through the Lens of History 4 – Society of Spears II

13 September, 2009

Today is the ides of September.  Hope you are ready for some history:

Through the Lens of History: Using History for Better Gaming
Vision 4: Society of Spears II – The Zulus

In this issue we leave Europe and travel South to the Zulu Kingdom of Africa.  The Zulu Kingdom was built on conquest, tradition and ambition, combined to create a semi-militarized tribal state.  The Zulu Kingdom was organized to support the military and in return the military system supported the stability of the state.  The purpose of the Zulu Kingdom was to maintain itself and control the conquered tribes that comprised the Kingdom. Read the rest of this entry ?


The White Isles – Elves and Skyships

27 July, 2009

Today, we turn to one of the non-human kingdoms:

The White Isles

Even before the Sundering, the White Isles were isles and the elves who lived upon them were sailors, some of the finest in fact.  Read the rest of this entry ?


Borusa – the City of Scholars

24 July, 2009

For those that seek to learn, there are few better place to visit than:

Borusa, the City of Scholars

Even before the Sundering, Borusa was famous for libraries and booksellers, wizard-sages and scholars. Read the rest of this entry ?

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