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Tuesday Magic Item – Staff of Black Leaves

23 February, 2011

It is said the staff was found in the charred ruins of the forest of Vaisk, amid the smoking ruins of a druidic circle.   The man who carried it from the forest entered the ashed wastes of the forest as  a humble acolyte of the faith of nature  but he emerged as a force of darkness and ruin.

He gather to him other who had been displaced, scarred and terrorized by the destruction of the forest.  His singular will forged them into a tight cadre of vicious killers motivated only by vengeance.  They were last seen alive in the city square of the capital of Havve , the kingdom they blamed for the destruction of their forest.

It is said that a child of that ruined city spirited the staff from the rubble . . .

Staff of Black Leaves

This staff of dull black wood has a crown of branches tipped with skeletal black leaves that chime softly against each other as if made of stone or metal.  The staff molds itself to its users hand and very slowly shifts its bend and shape, never looking quite the same.

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Interesting Thoughts from other Gamers (8)

20 August, 2010

Here are some of the interesting pieces on or about gaming I have read recently on the web:

Mistwalker, the source for Ravenloft for Pathfinder conversions with a very slick PDF.  (Which I learned about from the 3.5 Private Sanctuary.)

Pathfinder Chronicler is hosting a Pathfinding Fiction contest!

Over at From the Sorcerer’s Skull, The City is being built.

Not strictly gaming related, but very interesting, the history of the Lost Fort, dealing with historical castles, forts and other such interesting and useful things.


Time to try New Games at Good Prices (July, 2010)

6 July, 2010

Those good people at RPGNow are encouraging you to try out some games from the following publishers at 20% off:


Never Split the Party Contest (2010)

27 June, 2010

Wizards of the Coast is again generously sponsoring a Never Split the Party contest, giving you a chance to reunite a group of up to six D&D players at GenCon.  Just tell them why your group should be the one chosen (in 300 words or less) .

Think your group has what it takes?  Go here to enter the Never Split the Party contest.  Good luck.


Interesting Thoughts from Other Gamers (4)

3 October, 2009

Some of the things I have found across the web from other gamers.

Starting off with two contests (though I probably should not be making competition for myself):

Meadowbrook Needs You!  Create something fun for the Meadowbrook setting and win dice.

Halloween One-Shot Adventure Contest.   Create something scary for All Hallows and share it.

This month’s Blog Carnival theme is Morality, in and out of game.  I will try and write on this at some point as I want to participate in at least one Blog Carnival this year.

Some good thoughts on character building: Five (Plus One) Questions and Casting Characters as a Whole [Group].

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