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New Monster – MothLion

12 November, 2010


Moth sans Lion

You would not think such a large creature could be so quiet.  The beating of its wings seem like nothing but the echos of a distant breeze, it footfalls are light as snowfall.  But once you see its fearsome visage, you know it is no gentle creature but a deadly hunter.

MothLion                                               CR 5 (1,600 XP)
N large magical beast (chimeric)
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Chimeric Monster Subtype

8 November, 2010

Chimeric [Subtype]

A chimeric being is a hybrid creature made from blending together aspects of other creatures.  Some are created by sorcerous experiments, other emerge spontaneously from unknown sources.

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New Monster – StagWolf

25 October, 2010

Oh, it is just some deer.  Wait!  There is something wrong.  Look at that muzzle and tail.  Oh no.  Run!  Just run!  Stagwolves!

StagWolf                                               CR 3 (800 XP)
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New Monster – Sting Squirrel

7 May, 2010

I was walking across the north campus of the University of Georgia this morning and saw a squirrel and thought, what if it had a stinger in the tail . . .

Sting Squirrel
Oh, its just a squirrel.  Maybe a bit large for a squirrel.  Wait?  Does it?  It does!  It has two pairs of fore limbs!  Are those mandibles?  And a sting in the tail!  Run!  Run!!  Ru . . .

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