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Fort Ajzure, the Imperial Stronghold (Petrichor 365)

4 January, 2023

Watching you from on highWhile still called Fort Imperial by many, the imperial stronghold above Port Imperial has been officially renamed by the Empress after its first (and current) commander, Captain Ajzure, much to her annoyance.

Only the Imperial docks predate the fort which was built with immense rapidity and, if rumors are true, by the use of powerful sorcery.  Some rumors even say that the Empress raised the fort purely by magic in a single day but there are no reliable witnesses to that act who are talking.

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Inspirational Viewing – Ironclad

25 August, 2011

Ironclad is a movie based (very loosely) on the historical siege of Rochester Caster (1215) by King John of England.

Things it did well:

Rochester Keep

Rochester Keep

Showing a siege.  Both from attacker and defenders viewpoints and the problems facing both sides including storming/defending the walls, supplies (and lack thereof) and morale.  Also, trebuchet!  The visuals with these medieval siege weapons were quite well done.

Brutality of medieval combat, no sugar-coating of the combat in this film, blood and gore abounds in the combat scenes with everyone fighting dirty to survive.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of quick cuts and shakey-cam usage so it is difficult to actually make sense of what is happening in most of the fights beyond mayhem and bloodshed.

So, if you want to be inspired about running a castle defense (or assault) in your fantasy campaign, give it a look.

Things it did not do well, which you can ignore:

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New Magic Item – Odalam’s Ward

8 January, 2011

Odalam gave his word to the High King that the Castle at Silver would not fall as long as Odalam drew breath.  Odalam had made for him a simple headband, set with four stones taken from Castle Silver, and wore it as the seal of his intentions.  When the army of the Usurper came down out of the high hills and laid siege to Castle Silver, Odalam commitment was made manifest.  Each time the Usuper’s men battered down the main gate, anew one appeared seemingly made of shining silver.  When the walls were breached,  a silver wall replaced them.  But with each silver seal of the defense, Odalam grew wearer.  Only the arrival of Prince Niles and a relief force saved the Caster and Odalam.

Odalam’s Ward

This silver headband is set with four equally-spaced plain hexagonal stones.  Engraved inside is the motto, “As long as my heart beats, the walls will hold.”  The headband seems much heavier than it should.

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