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Tuesday Magic Item – Poet’s Walking Staff

25 January, 2022

Walking StickVoddick walked along the path, comfortable for once.

Gollaon kept an easy pace with him.  “This is a relaxing path and with good company.”

“Truth,” agreed Voddick.  “Guarding poets seems an odd task for us, but one I am happy to do.”

“Yes, walks in the wood are a nice way to spend time,” nodded Gollaon.  “Though I am not sure why were are needed.”

“Well, so far we have not been,” replied Voddick, “let us hope that continues.”

Poet’s Walking Staff

These staves are very particular to their original owner, some are simply cut branches, worn smooth with use, to finely worked wood with metal fittings, or even a dried and treated kale stalk as fits the person who first owned the staff.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Map of the Territory

18 January, 2022

Orkney MapGollaon sprinted after the assassin. “Come on we almost have them!”

Voddick did his best to keep up, his crossbow cocked and loaded.

Gollaon rounded a corner and slide to a halt, a large piece of paper gently wafted towards the ground in front of him.

“What?” half asked, half demanded Voddick as he followed, crossbow quickly aimed at the moving paper.

“Thrice damn him to hell!” shouted Gollaon.  “Back to the Royal quarters and hope we are not too late.”

Voddick spun and began running back the way they came and Gollaon followed behind as the map settled to the floor behind them.

Map of the Territory

These maps are a recent invention, though their source is unknown, they were widely used before their secondary function was discovered.  Now they are still used but much more carefully and their creator is even more avidly sought out.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Carmenta’s Book

11 January, 2022

Learn the alphabet or make your own!Voddick watched in fascination as the young scribe added another new ideogram into the book.  “I would have thought it would be filled by now,” he whispered to Gollaon.

“I suspect it would be, were it not enchanted,” replied Gollaon pouring a cup of tea.

“Of course, I should have noticed,” said Voddick.  “I have already seen more pages than could possibly fit in that book.”

Gollaon nodded and handed Voddick a cup of tea.

Carmenta’s Book

These book are very rare, only a few exist and they are prized by their owners, they are slim but tall volumes marked with the owner’s initials marked on the front, changing to match the local language.  The pages are a rich cream color and take ink exceeding well.  The book is, perhaps surprisingly, resistant to almost all damages.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Traveller’s Helpful Book

25 May, 2021

Book“Books are not your usual purchase,” said Gollaon.

“The inscription on the front sold it to me,” said Voddick with a smile.  He showed the book to his friend.

“‘Panic not’, this reminds me of something.”

“Yes?  That does not surprise me, your knowledge of unusual things is unrivaled.”

“Well thank you my friend, it is good to have my talents recognized.”

Traveller’s Helpful Book

These books are deceptively slim, marked on the cover (in friendly letters) is the motto “Panic Not”.  The interior of the book is filled with information on more pages than could possibly fit into the volume. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Pocket Book of Revolution

23 August, 2011

Forbidden by orders of the Magisterium

All copies of the Book of the Common People

Possession equal Treason

Red Book

Bring the Revolution!

Norvis the Blue, Initiate of the People, shook his head at the poster.  The Magisterium was getting desperate, soon their corrupt edifice they called a government would collapse like the rotten husk it was and Norvis would be there to cheer the people on.

His hand tightened around his copy of the Book of the Common People, its truths so sublime that they alone were inspiring the people to rise up.  Even threats of torture and fire, jail and death, would not stop the people from claiming their lands and freedom back.  And tonight, the rising would begin.  And all because of a book.

Pocket Book of Revolution

These small books, often bound in red cloth or leather, are filled with tightly printed arguments and quotes to bolster the speech and deed of any revolutionary.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Grandfather’s Book

23 November, 2010

When I first began the path of a venturer, I had no idea what the world held is store for me.  I was luck, oh so lucky, that my grandfather had given me a book to help me find my way in the world.  And what a book it was, filled with information from near and far.  Many a time, it had just the what I needed to know, just when I needed to know it.  Now, as you are setting fourth into the wide world, I give it to you.  May it help you as much as it helped me.

Grandfather’s Book

This thick leather bound volume is packed with useful information for any and all.  The first of these books was made by an archmage for his granddaughter to act as a guide for her when she choose to travel in the wide world.

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