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Creative Sunday – Nwain, the Knight who Wandered Dream

11 October, 2015

New (hopefully) weekly series of posts, I thought I should highlight some of the awesome creative things being done out in the world.  Today, we have:

Nwain, the Knight who Wandered Dream

Nwain ridingThis is an animated webcomic by Terrana Cliff detailing the adventures of Nwain in a very unique fantasy world.  Lots of problems solving and investigation so far with some greater mysteries hinted at.  Very good inspiration for a wide variety of games and campaign style.  Due to the fact is is an animated webcomic, the production of it is fairly slow so we only get a few new pages a month, though because they are animated, they pack in a little more information and action than a normal comic would in that space.

An example of the art is posted (borrowed from the artist’s DeviantArt page, and now used with permission).

If you enjoy the art and story, you can support Terrana Cliff’s creation of Nwain on Patreon.


Alex Mitchell’s Inspirational Artwork

31 August, 2012

From a link on G+, I was propelled into the galleries of Alex Mitchell (aka genesischant on deviantART artist and animator (writer Chambara Supermanand artist for Space Ninja).  Mitchell does a lot of redesigning characters for other genres, such as a chambara Justice League (of which the Steel Man/Superman is pictured to the right).

He has also done 1930s versions of the JLA as vigilante gang busters, while the Secret Society (of supervillains) are all mob bosses.  The X-Men as Victorian-era spiritualist/occult based heroes and much mAdventuring Partyuch more.

So much inspiration here for superhero games, Legend of the Five Rings, steampunk, Victorian-era games and more.  Go take a look and see what takes your fancy.

Oh, and he even has a piece inspired from back when he played D&D.


Wandering the Web [13]

30 October, 2011

Well, it has been a while since a did one of these.  Following are a collection of articles and places that I found informative and inspiring hidden at various places in the web:

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Wandering the Web [12]

3 September, 2011

A medley of curious bits of information that I have encountered recently.  Hope you find them as intriguing as I have.

The ancient Romans were clothes horses, who knew?  (Well, most students of Ancient history suspected.)

Tomb in Germany containing a chief buried with a great amount of wealth opens interesting questions about the world of 3,800 years ago.

A sympathetic look at current Dungeons and Dragons players from the mainstream press.

A exhibition of historical forgeries, including mock dragons and ancient bronze horses.  Apparently, people have been producing forgeries almost as long as there has been art.

Fading London, finding signs of London’s past among its ever-changing present.

Amazing photo of the Eiffel Tower with lightning, would make a great scene from a superhero game.

It seems I have totally failed to share this wonderful video as well, it is called Space Girl and is a tribute to SF heroines, go watch and enjoy.


Wandering the Web [11]

20 July, 2011

A variety of interesting bits of information that I have encountered recently.  Hope you find them as useful and thought provoking as I have.

Brilliant re-envisioning of modern technology if it was produced in the 1970s, look at Alex Varanese’s Alt/1977 with the Pocket Hi-Fi, the LapTron64 and MobileVoxx.  Brilliant and inspirational for retro campaigns, especially supers.

Wearing armor is, unsurprisingly, very tiring University of Leeds proves (though one suspect that someone used to wearing armor day in and day out would be less effected).  Also, a nice video showing someone getting into one of Henry VIII’s suits of armor.

Those interested in ‘small wars’ (i.e. guerrilla warfare and other ‘low intensity’ conflict), should know there is an online journal devoted to such, the Small Wars Journal.  Primarily useful for modern, historical and science fiction gamers I suspect.

Take a look the military side of modern fantasy with Myke Cole who has an interesting site supporting his books.

And for something lighter, a video with the complete (two minutes long) theme for the Big Bang Theory performed by the Barenaked Ladies (and some info about BBT moving into syndication too).

Edit: just read this and need to add it, Snape Lust: 10 Reasons Snape is Hotter than Harry.


Wandering the Web [9]

12 May, 2011

Time, after a considerable break, for another post detailing fun, curious and odd things I have discovered in my travels across the web.

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Ben Wootten’s Mantyd Warrior

12 April, 2011
Xilan, Mantyd Warrior by Ben Wootten

Xilan, Mantyd Warrior by Ben Wootten

At the end of last year I was fortunate enough to win an illustration from the very talented Ben Wootten for donating to charity.

This was all coordinated through Craig Higdon’s RPG Character Illustrations site.

Craig and Ben were both great to work with.  I sent a very detailed description (over a page) and was consulted several times throughout the project to ensure that I was happy with the piece.

The piece is of Xilan, one of the Mantyd-caste (sorcerously created insect-human hybrids) warriors from the Land of Far Cathay.  Which, technically, is more Chinese than Japanese but I was still entirely happy with the samuraiko version that Ben came up with.

If people would like to know more about the Mantyd-caste, or the other castes, of Far Cathay or the setting itself please let me know.  I have the campaign notes around somewhere.


Wandering the Web [6]

28 October, 2010

A variety of interesting articles I have stumbled across in my recent explorations:

An amazing eleven or so minutes of film called “A Trip Down Market Street“, shot from a street car in San Francisco just weeks before the great earthquake tore the city apart.  A fascinating look at a different time.

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Visiting Washington D.C.

19 September, 2010

Just got back last week from a trip to Washington DC, which as you no doubt know, is full of museums, galleries and history.  We were staying in Alexandria, Virginia, fairly close to the Old Town area which is quite nice and an easy Metro ride away from the heart of DC.

On our way to Alexandria we visited the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum which is located near Dulles Airport.  Read the rest of this entry ?


Wandering the Web [4]

1 July, 2010

Another post detailing interesting, curious and odd things I have found in my travels across the web.

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