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Tuesday Magic Item – Gelert’s Shield

11 April, 2017


“The Commander’s new bodyguard did sterling work during the battle,” said Voddick.  “Without him things would have gone badly.  I saw him catch a spear that would have skewered the Commander on his shield.”

“You are among the few who noticed,” replied Gollaon pouring himself some wine.  “Not only in the bearer a selfless warrior but the shield itself make it harder to recognize their heroism.”

“How odd,” Voddick said before taking a swallow of ale.

“It is said that the court magician that build the first of these shields was jealous of the bodyguard and insured that they would never get the recognition they deserved.”


Gelert’s Shield

These shields are solidly built and usually decorated with the arms or symbols of the patron who ordered it made.  They were custom fitted to their original user and would have fitted them comfortably.

Gelert’s Shield is a +3 Heavy Shield that can share its shield’s bonus with one adjacent ally against one attack per turn or against all attacks if the wielder possesses three or more Shield feats.  Up to thrice a day, the shield’s wielder can take half the damage from an attack (including magical attacks) that targets an adjacent ally.
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Royal Armouries for all!

19 April, 2016

The British Royal Armouries have placed their collection online!  It is a treasure trove of useful resources especially image of weapons and armor from the collections.

A gift from Japan

The collection of pole weapons is especially fun.

Photo of Sword (katana) (1370) by Masamitsu, Royal Armouries, no date, Photo, subject to Crown Copyright and used under the Non-Commercial Government Licence (U.K).


Tuesday Magic Item – Shield of le Bon Chevalier

29 December, 2015

La_Continence_de_Bayard“I must say, I like our new commander.  Brave, loyal and true to his king,” said Voddick before taking another drink.

“Indeed, he is said to be the most noble of knights in both manners and deed,” agreed Gollaon.  “WHich means we must be very careful.”

“Quite true, such men are prone to heroic last stands.”

“Or glorious charges, but I think he is sensible enough.  He certainly has a fine singing voice as well.”

Shield of le Bon Chevalier

These shields are always of the finest make, decorated with the coat of arms of some martial family of the aristocracy.  It is rare to find them except in the best of condition.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Long Shadow Shield

22 December, 2015

Not quite this shiny“I am thinking we should abandon this contract,” said Voddick, scraping ice off his boots.

“While normally I hold contracts sacrosanct,” replied Gollaon, “but you may be right in this case.”  he pulled his cloak tighter around his frame.  “In our defense, his plan to bring eternal darkness and cold was not included in his pitch.”

“Exactly,” agreed Voddick.

Long Shadow Shield

This shield is made of dark oak bound with dull bronze, it never glints or reflects light.  It is exceeding solid and heavily build.  On the interior are carved runes of darkness and night.  Its simple construction only conceals its dark purpose.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Dreadnought Armor

11 February, 2015

Neigh invulnerableVoddick held his side.  “I think half my ribs are broken, I thought the Knight would never go down.”

Golloan looked over the courtyard strewn with the first dozen men who had tried to stop the knight before them.  “It was unstoppable.  I think they dropped rocks on it as it crossed under the gate.  I heard something hitting metal.”

Voddick limped over to now still suit of armor, knelt down and pulled off the helmet.  “Golloan?  How did a grandfather do all this,” he gestured back over the courtyard.  The man inside the armor was obviously eighty years old if he was a day, only a few wisps of grey hair clinging to his head.

Dreadnought Armor

This full plate armor is made of dull grey metal, solidly constructed, even for armor.  The interior of the armor is etched with protective wards washed with silver.  The padding made of layered silk, sew with protective sigils in gold thread.  The helmet is unadorned and hardly limits vision, for a helmet.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Whorl Buckler

21 February, 2012

The young rapscallion of a thief danced through the crowd, the mage-guards chasing after him, their wands at the ready.  On the rare occasion they had a clear shot through the milling people, she deflected their magic with a spiral shaped buckler.

“How is she doing that?” grumbled the scholar-sargent.  “Keep after that thief!”  He plodded on behind the pursuit, regretting spending too much time behind a desk.

not shelled yet


Two young mage-guard finally got in front of her.  One of them lashed out with a spell of holding and then toppled backward as his spell was reflect back upon him but the thief’s buckler . . . after that, the mage-guard lost interest in the pursuit long enough for the rogue to escape.

Whorl Buckler

These rare shields are made from the apical whorl of certain usually large gastropods (such as the flail snail) alchemically treated, the outer edge reinforced with bronze polished to a mirror shine.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Charm: Paper Armor

10 January, 2012

The priestess walked slowly down the line of nervous villagers, each clutching a simple tool that they hoped to use as an effective weapon. Stopping in front of each, she placed a charm against each villagers chest and in a second, they were clad in white paper armor.  While the protection the charms gave was limited, it gave the villagers hope that they would be able to stand against those



who would harm their homes and families.

Charm: Paper Armor

These paper charm are marked with the symbols for protection and safety.  When the command words (or prayers) are spoken and the charm is placed on a person, it unfolds into a suit of paper armor to protect them for a short time.

Activating the Paper Armor Charm is a standard action, the armor created provides a +2 armor bonus, that is effective against incorporeal creatures and touch spells, and the first save made while wearing it, is made with a +1 resistance bonus.  The armor has no weight and causes no penalties, it lasts for three hours and then dissolves into a handful of shredded paper.

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