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Tuesday Magic Item – Boar Crest Helmet

3 May, 2022

Tough as a boar“Well, we seem to be on the side of the underdog, yet again,” said Voddick checking his gear.

“Well, they are enthusiastic at least,” said Gollaon with a smile, checking that the arrows in the quiver were loose and ready.  “It is nice to be support rather than leading the charge.”

“Truth.  Though it will still be dangerous.”

“Such is our lot in life.”

Boar Crest Helmet

These helmets are exquisitly made of steel and shaped horn decorared with copper and gold and always with a boar on the crest.  They are a symbol of a warrior chieftan and anyone who wears one had best be able to fight with the best of them.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Dragon Egg Shield

15 February, 2022

eggs_by_mizaeltenguVoddick looked at his shield and then at the white shield born by the champion, he frowned.  “Does that now seem . . .”

“Like part of a very large eggshell?” finished Gollaon.  “I suspect it is.”

“Surely the only beings with eggs that size are the dragons?”

Gollaon nodded.

“I now wonder who that champion ultimately serves . . .”

Dragon Egg Shield

These shields are made from a section of a dragons egg, some are smooth, others rough, some white, others, other colors.  The edges are sometime reinforced with metal and any straps or grips are magically or alchemically attached.  The shield is surprisingly light and remarkably durable.

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New Magic Item – Shield of Balance

22 September, 2020

Is balance just?“Why did we get chosen to take the fight to the enemy wizards again?” asked Voddick as another bolt of fire sizzled by him.

“Triple pay and a bounty?” replied Gollaon snapping a shot off with his bow.

“Oh, right,” nodded Voddick just before something slammed into his shield.  “Acid?  I just got that shield.”  He said tossing the shield aside as the acid continued to eat it way through its layers.

“Let’s catch up with our brave leader, his shield has been magicked to resist such things, I think.”

Shield of Balance

These shield are always fairly large and often decorated with a simple symbol of balance, being painted half black and half white is common, on the back are inscribed complex calculations of the seasons and paired oppositional symbols of the elements.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Peacock Shield

4 June, 2019

Colorful“It is certainly one of the most colorful armies we have marched with.” said Voddick, surveying the sea of brightly colored shields and the garishly dressed soldiers bearing them.

“Truth,” nodded Gollaon.  “I am used to being the one who stands out . . . but here?  Here, I am the dove among peacocks.”

“If it is any consolation, I prefer your style,” smiled Voddick.

“It is, my friend, it is.”

Peacock Shield

These shields are decorated with peacock feathers, arranged in various patterns depending on the maker and the person who commissioned it.  The magics laid into the shield do their best to protect the feathers from damage but repairs will have to be made every so often or the magic of the shield will be lost with the feathers.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Heart Crystal Armor (A to Z, H)

9 April, 2019

CrystalVoddick watched the squad of dwarven warriors troop by, the sunlight glinting on the crystal encasing their bodies.  He gave them a salute as they vanished around the corner.

“It is rare to see so many who have taken the crystal at once,” commented Gollaon.  “I hope it is not a warning of danger to come.”

“Given the symbolism of their arms, I suspect they are part of the sovereign guard of the Ruby hierarchy,” said Voddick.  “Possibly a high level trade meeting.”

“If that is the case, we should see about getting ourselves a cut of the action.”

“Indeed,” said Voddick as they set out to follow the dwarves.

Heart Crystal Armor

This magic armor is rare due to the physical and psychological cost of wearing it, as unlike normal armor, the heart crystal armor is magically and spiritually bonded to the wearer.  It is made up of plates of living crystal that are embedded inside the wearer’s body along the long muscles.  Drawing upon the magic of the character’s blood the crystals to grow until the crystals covers the wearer’s skin, solid plates over muscle and geometric scales over the joints.

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A to Z – Turtle Armor

24 April, 2018

Tough as a turtle“I know it is magicked and calling on archetype sympathies,” said Voddick.

“But you think it looks a bit silly,” finished Gollaon.

“Well, yes,” agreed Voddick.

“I cannot say that I disagree.”

Turtle Armor

These suits of armor are composed of turtle shell magically shaped and reinforced with both magic and nonferrous metal metal but the deliberate echoing of the turtles form is a deliberate stylistic choice in the creation of this armor.

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A to Z – Armor in the Sea of Stars

1 April, 2018

The level of manufacturing technology in the Sea of Stars ranges from late stone age in some isolated pockets to nearly industrial levels with wind, water and magically powered machinery at the other end of the spectrum.  So a wide variety of types of armor can be constructed but what sorts of armor are useful?

Buff CoatFirearms and gunpowder artillery are not a factor but battlefield magic is.  This means that just choosing the heaviest armor is not always the best choice as mobility can be as important as protection, so most seek some sort of middle ground between defense and maneuverability.  Thus the humble buff coat, a think leather coat that other armor can be worn over as needed, is often the basis for many a warrior’s defensive gear.  Inexpensive but versatile while providing a foundation for heavier armors, it is popular across all social classes.

For those wearing heavier armor having it forged from Dragonsteel is the pinnacle of light weight yet protective with Dragonsteel mail and breastplates common among the nobility but rare among most soldiers.  For those who cannot afford that, dwarven wrought steel is prized and most of the dwarven holds export armor.  A full suit of armor is still considered to be the mark of the martial nobility in many lands and remains a common sight in war.

More exotic armors exist but with increasing rarity, the elves and nature cults make suits of living vines and wood, the dwarves work living crystal, wizards craft bloodstones and bracers to magically guard their wearer.  There is even armor made from salt and the legendary god-forged armor which is not in the claws of the dragon.  There is something for every taste and purpose if one searches hard enough or has a deep enough purse.

Notes: The A to Z Challenge begins!  You can help me decide what to post, go here to read more.  Armor is always an interesting subject in a fantasy world.  What do you think about about how armor and magic interact?

Image “Buff Coat” by European via The Metropolitan Museum of Art is licensed under CC0 1.0.


Tuesday Magic Item – Storming Shield

27 March, 2018

Shield after battl;eVoddick set the large shield up.  “Even with this, I am not exciting about charging across a field with the enemy having so many archers.”

“Nor I but I do not think the officers will listen to our misgivings,” replied Gollaon glancing their way.

“Well, we will just have to make the best of it,” sighed Voddick.  “I am sure we will be glad of the shields.”

Storming Shield

These large shields are usually gaudily decorated often with a motto or insults towards the owner’s foes.  On close examination, they are not particularly well made.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Unity of Purpose Shield

27 February, 2018

All together

Voddick recocked his crossbow.  “I have not seen such implacable foes since we fought the animate dead of the Laccini necrourgists.”

Gollaon released another arrow and made a face as it only embedded into a shield.  “I suspect such discipline is sorcerously enhanced.”

“I feared as much,” said Voddick slotting another bolt.  “So, victory of death is it?”

“For them, yes.  We can always flee,” answered Gollaon with a grim smile.

Unity of Purpose Shield

These heavy shields are emblazoned with the symbolism of the group, usually a state, that had them made.  Each group manufactured shares a similar appearance and iconography.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Citizenship Shield

4 July, 2017

Defend your people

Voddick checked his bolts and closed their case.  “Well, I am glad they are enthusiastic, though I would prefer that they were better trained,” he said surveying the gathered militia with their mismatched weapons and armor.

“At least they have kept to a unified choice of colors and the shields are in good shape,” answered Gollaon.  “Though I would have liked another week or two of drills and weapon practice.”

“Very rude of the raiders not to be sporting about all this.”

“Indeed, we shall have to let them know how we feel about their lack of manners.”

Citizenship Shield

These shields are solid and well made, decorated with the symbols of the community they are made for.  Often each civic bearer has painted their name on the inside as if to emphasize the continuity of the defense of the citizens.

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