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New Trap – Zoomorphic Cage (A to Z Challenge Z)

30 April, 2013

It was not something you expect to find in an abandoned tower, a set of zoo cages.  The first one held three skeletons of what the ranger said were bears.  It had some sort of trap in front of the cage, but our scout was unconcerned with it, until he stepped in front of the cage and in a flash of light was changed into a bear and then the floor raised up, the cage door opened and he was dumped inside.  We stood dumbfounded as the cage locked behind him.

Zoomorphic Cage CR see below

A corridor, one side lined with large cages each with a sliding cage door and marked with an arcane symbol.

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New Trap – Unicorn Head, Mounted (A to Z Challenge U)

24 April, 2013

“What sort of bastard kills a unicorn and then boasts about it by mounting the head?” fumed Timish, the half-elfin ranger.

“We knew this guy was a dick before we took the job,” answered Ippi the rogue.  “So why should this surprise us?”

“It is almost to garish,” said the mysterious Va.  “This one suspects it is more dangerous than it appears.”

“Indeed?” said Ippi, producing a miniature spyglass to take a look at the hideous decoration from a safe distance.

Unicorn Head, Mounted (CR 4) XP 1,200

A unicorn head, mounted on the wall, its glassy eyes seem to watch you with disdain.

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New Trap – “Klick, Klick” (A to Z Challenge K)

12 April, 2013

“Click,” sounded the pressure plate at Morin Took, professional trap finder, stepped upon it.  “We might have a problem,” he whispered back to his companions.

“What is the problem?” asked Hammerskal, master of hammer and crossbow, edging forward only to be rewarded with a distinct “click” of his own.  “Bugger.”

“OK, everyone keep back,” said Morin, “we need to work out what it is going to trigger.”

“Klick, Klick” Trap (CR 2) XP 400

A series of pressure plates that activate increasing dangerous looking potential weapons.

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Trap(ish) – Fool’s Feast (A to Z Challenge F)

6 April, 2013
Have a bite.

Free for the taking.

We came upon a room in the tower, a guard’s room hastily and recently abandoned.  Food and drink scattered, mostly uneaten on the table.  It had been nearly half a day since we had eaten, so we fell upon the food.

It was a restorative and we felt much refreshed and ready to fight.  But when we next entered into combat, we were suddenly befuddled and unable to act or even think clearly.  Had our foes been more dangerous we all would have died.

The truth was it was a trap for the unwary.  There were not even any human guards in the tower!

Fool’s Feast (CR 2) XP 400

A table of food, recently made, obviously abandoned in a hurry.  Chairs around it as shifted away as the people around it suddenly left, one has even been knocked over. Read the rest of this entry ?


Acid Crystal Trap (A to Z Challenge – A)

1 April, 2013

Burning sharpOriginal created by the Matrix of Alchemy to defend her laboratories from thieves and spies, these defenses were pressed into service as impromptu weapons when the dragon attacked.  After her fall, their secret was discovered by House Arakshan who went on to use them extensively to protect their holdings.

Appearing as long and sharp white-green crystals, cloudy on poorly-made ones, nearly invisibly colored in superb ones, they are hung from decorations, inset in walls and doors, but at least half of the crystal must be exposed for it to function.  Stuck, they sound with a hissing whine rather than a chime and may fracture and burst in a spray of acidic fragments.

They are keyed to particular things, bloodlines, amulets, it varies, that will not trigger them.  Those that do not possess those traits are attacked by razor sharp crystalline shards that dissolve into acid.

Acid Crystal Trap (CR 3) XP 800

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