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The Boneyard (Petrichor 365)

25 May, 2023

Twice a year, more or less, Captain Terrance drives a massive number of herd animals to the outskirts of Port Imperial where they are efficiently and messily slaughtered.

The place where this great slaughter happens has become known as the Boneyard.  It is a rocky area with some scrub plants and hardy flowers.  Scattered among the stones are bone chips and tufts of fur, the area is set between some low hills with a stream running along one side.

When the herd arrives, butchers professional and barely trained descend and a great slaughter begins.  Very little is wasted, the meat is taken away to be smoked, salted or eaten fresh, the hides to be tanned, the bones to be burned or ground into meal and the skulls stacked for later. Read the rest of this entry ?

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