Tuesday Magic Item – Grave Goggles

23 May, 2023

Gollaon said, adjusting their goggles, “I feel a bit foolish in these things.”

Voddick shrugged.  “If they work as they are supposed to it will be worth looking a bit foolish.”

Gollaon stopped dead in their tracks.  “Oh, they work.”

Grave Goggles

These goggles are constructed of glass from a religious site, recast in flames from a funerary pyre with fitting made from leather and metal recovered from the dead.  They are always cold but condensation never collects upon them.

The glass of the goggles is a smudged gray color, visual perception checks through them are at a -4 circumstance penalty except in direct sunlight.

But the unliving (corporeal undead) seen through its lens are a faintly glowing blue.  While the unbound (spirits) are seen in a glowing red, the deeper the red the more hostile they are to living beings.  (The strange occurrence of an unbound spirit possing an unliving body, or such, would produce a flickering purple image.)

This makes it very difficult for such beings to avoid the sight of the goggle’s wearer, even if they would normally be invisible or concealed.

Aura faint transmutation; CL 5th
Slot eye; Price 7,500; Weight
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Items, detect undead, see invisible; Cost 3,750

For D&D 5E:

Wondrous item (goggles), uncommon (requires attunement)

First and last paragraph as above.

The glass of the goggles is a smudged gray color, visual Wisdom (perception) tests through them are at disadvantage except in direct sunlight.

Notes: More tools for spirit hunters.  A similar item can be found here.

Image safety goggles by Vega France (Manufacturer) – Germany – via Europeana, used under a CC0 license.

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