Nazira Ghostchaser (Petrichor 365)

23 May, 2023

The Ghostchasers are one of the Noble Families of the City-State of Taren Kost.  Unsurprisingly, they specialize in dealing with spirits and other troublesome beings of a magical nature and they have taken an interest in emerging preternatural threats from Petrichor.

One of the family members who has been sent is Nazira Ghostchaser, a cousin of the main family branch, who has experience with travel outside of Taren Kost.  There had been a plan to send over several more family members to assist but events in the city-state have delayed them.

Nazira is of average height and, while slender, is well muscled though that is hard to tell as she usually wears a loose robe.  Her black hair falls to her should and is usually tied back and her grey-blue eyes keep careful watch.  Her weapon of choice is a blessed scimitar, but she also carries a variety of throwing weapons and magical charms backed by a knowledge of practical magic and spirit-fighting techniques.  Nazira is quiet and watchful, happy to let others do the talking, and she knows when to throw in a question or comment to keep people talking.  Her interest in learning about the sorts of magical threats that abound in deeper Petrichor

She has been making a list of places to go, once some more of her family show up.  She sends back reports and has been keeping a detailed journal but Nazira does not feel she can abandon her post in Port Imperial until there is someone to take it over from her.  So she waits and learns and plans.

Notes: Once her replacement arrives, Nazira will be happy to join, or even charter, a venturing group.  There is so much to learn and see, first-hand observations will tell her so much more, as interesting as the stories are.

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Image Saber – shamshir (scimitar) found through Europeana and used under a CC0 license.

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