The Water Mill (Petrichor 365)

22 May, 2023

With the farms outside of Port Imperial finally beginning to produce grain and thus, a mill is at least needed.  The Graanmolen Hal of Asterdahl had purchased the land early on and laid the foundations but had not finished the building until just ahead of the first major harvest.

The Water Mill, as the only one it needs no other name, is built using the latest Gemkine waterwheel technology, a mill pond stores water until it is needed.  Everything is new but using the best of perfected Gemkine design so it has proven to be both reliable and efficient.

Rollish VanDerMar is the manager of the mill, an efficient bookkeeper and organizer, he is not well-liked but he is respected.  Tall and thin, with shape features and thinning black hair, his dark eyes behind glasses.  He dresses neatly and properly for a man of his station.  When required, he can help with the working of the mill, but only if required.  Rollish is well-read and is making a study of what grows well in the local soil.

Tinalla Redhammer, one of the Ruby Gemkine, manages the technical side of the mill.  She helped to build it and now makes sure it keeps running properly, she is loud and boisterous, and her red hair is worn in a braid that falls to the back of her knees when it is not pinned up (which it always is at work).  Her eyes are a rich red-brown.  Tinalla is always looking at ways to improve the mill, be it the loading bay or the best way for wagons to approach.  She is an innovator and happy to be out from under the over-cautious, to her mind, guilds at home.  Tinalla also enjoys a good drink and group singing, preferably together.

The rest of the workers are recruited from locals, most are just using it as a bridge between other jobs so most do not stay for long and the mill is always hiring.  It pays fair wages in coin and a bonus in milled flour.

Notes: Mills are needed and a great boon, grinding grain by hand is no one’s idea of a good time.

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Image Fontenay Abbey – Water mill wheel from Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.

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