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The Mile Stelae (Petrichor 365)

21 May, 2023

Before the Empress began the GodsWar and overthrew the gods and the old Empires, there were many great empires, most supported by one or more of the gods.  However, even their names have mostly been lost to history, though occasionally remnants of them can be found.

On the route out of Port Imperial, placed every old Corisan mile (roughly 1.1 Imperial miles), is a stele starting with one marked with the deeds of King Herniv III “the Builder” and with the number sixteen.  As almost no one reads old Corisan only the number is of note to most who pass it by.   The stele stands nearly six feet (1.8m) tall and is of a hard, dark grey stone that shows very little ill-effect from time or weather. Read the rest of this entry ?

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