“Sir Folly” (Petrichor 365)

20 May, 2023

People come to Petrichor to start new lives but sometimes they cannot outrun their past . . . however hard they try.

One such person is the disgraced knight, once of the Order of the Royal Stars of Eosiant, Felix D’Avrelon, or, as he has become known “Sir Folly.”  Exiled from his homeland due to failing to stop an assassin due to being . . . otherwise engaged with a romantic trist.  The assassin failed but Felix was disgraced and has come to Petrichor to redeem his name.

Unfortunately, while Felix is doing his best to serve his King, he sends a detailed report back every week, things have not worked out as he had hoped.  The expeditions he has gone on have all ended disastrously, he has always survived but the expeditions have been less than successful.  So, he has been tagged with the name of Sir Folly, though not to his face, he is still a competent swordsman.

Felix is of above-average height and of a moderately athletic build, he really has been trying to improve himself since he arrived.  He is a fairly handsome man, though he is beginning to look a bit worn, his blond hair is worn short and he has a fine mustache, his green eyes are slowly becoming desperate.  His finery is becoming worn, his equipment is no longer once as spotless as it was when he arrived, his money is dwindling.  He really had expected to have achieved something great that would allow him to return in triumph by now.  He is polite, eager to seek an adventure to restore his name, and increasingly desperate for success.  Felix is not a bad person but he wants to go home to a life he loved.

Sir Folly will jump at almost any expedition that has a chance of success and to give him something to take back to his king for reinstatement.  He is actually a fairly competent knight and courtier and perhaps his bad luck has finally run its course.

Notes: A character that can be played for comedy or for tragedy or a bit of both as suits your playgroup and play style.

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Image Brave Knight By name-space found on Deviant Art, all rights owned by creator and used without permission.

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