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Iohannes Most, Anti-Draconic Zealot (Petrichor 365)

19 May, 2023

Although modern histories gloss over it, it took a generation for the Dragons to firmly establish their rule over the centers of power and their control in the remote regions took centuries to fully manifest.  Even within the quickly dominated cities, there were those who opposed dragonrule, while active resistance was quickly (and ruthlessly) stamped out, more subtle forms developed in the shadows and those traditions and successor ones still exist, plotting the downfall of the dragons.

Among the successors of such traditions is Iohannes Most, a driven and dedicated warrior against dragonrule.  While he comes from a family that has benefitted from its association with the Draconic House that rules his homeland, he has seen too much oppression to believe that it is a just or deserved form of governance.  So, Iohannes has committed his life to overcoming the reactionary rule of the dragons and ushering in a new age of freedom. Read the rest of this entry ?

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