Gwestrya, Hedge Witch (Petrichor 365)

18 May, 2023

Petrichor attracts people who do not fit in elsewhere, here they have a chance to make a new life or to at least reshape their old one.

One such person is Gwestrya Leafcloak, an Earthkine woman from somewhere, she does not discuss it.  She has established a small hut partly built into the trees near one of the last stands of trees in the area around Port Imperial.  The trees nearby are scrubby and not worth cutting down for building with, though people sometimes come to gather windfall for their fires or hunt for edibles.

Gwestrya ranges through the local area to gather food and herbs, which she both uses to sustain herself, in her medicines and trades with others.  She has a cordial but not close relationship with Savose Greenoak with whom she sometimes trades with and other times talks about plants but they approach the subject on very different levels so they do not have a lot in common.

Gwestrya is a slender Earthkine woman who looks like someone who lives in the woods, her chestnut hair is worn in a loose braid and her eyes are dark green.  Her clothing is much repaired and of dull colors that blend in with the natural world.  She carries a staff carved with Earthkine nature runes. Gwestrya is a private person who prefers spending time by herself, she is not antisocial, just private.  She knows a great deal about plants and nature but uses odd phrases and occasional stranger words to describe them.  Her Lack is friendliness, she is unable to deliberately make friends, sometimes it happens but it is not something she can consciously do.

Gwestrya is a good person to know for herbal remedies or if one needs to move through the less settled area near to Port Imperial without attracting undue attention.

Notes: Just a person who might be helpful or could just be a strange encounter near to the city.

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