Dayson the Bonesetter (Petrichor 365)

17 May, 2023

The docks are far from a safe place to work, nearly everything there is dangerous to one degree or another be it the boats and ships, the barrels and bags being loaded and unloaded, to the carts and animals moving people and things to and from the docks.  Injuries are common ranging from minor to fatal and hardly a day goes by without someone breaking a bone on the job.

That is where Dayson Craftwise comes in, he is a professional healer who specializes in setting bones.  He has a pushcart loaded with medical supplies ranging from teas and infusions to splints and crutches.  While waiting for an emergency to summon him to someplace on the docks, he sits on a folding stool and diagnoses colds and lances boils.  But when the call goes up that someone is seriously injured, he is on his way to the site, emergency kit in hand.

Dayson is a spare man, just above average in height though his slenderness makes him seem taller.  His greying black hair is tied back in a queue, his grey eyes are thoughtful, and his skin is weathered.  He dressed practically, with knee-high boots, and has a waxed leather apron for when things get messy.  Dayson is very skilled at projecting calm and keeping focused on the task at hand, he has found that such is vital in keeping situations from dissolving into panics, so he does his best to outwardly appear calm at all times.  He has a good bedside manner and a soothing voice.  Dayson also keeps a flask of the hardest liquor he can find and various other concoctions that dull the pain in his apron to help those injured find some momentary peace.  When not working, he has a philosophical bent and is always happy to learn more about how the work works.

Dayson is also a lay follower of the Sun and always wears a solar symbol around his neck.  He visits the Sun Temple on occasion but mostly worships in his own way.  For him, worship of the Sun is a comfort and a guide to the right action, but he has no need to try and convince others to follow the same path (though he will talk about his faith if asked).

Dayson lives in a small apartment not far from the docks with his three-legged tabby cat, Tough Boy, and a wide variety of medicinal plants.

Notes: Cities need doctors and medics, Dayson serves both roles.

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Image The Court Bone-Setter (possibly) is apparently a Chinese statue but I cannot trace its origin or current status, licensing and owner unknown.

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