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Sargent Zimrud, Imperial Army (Petrichor 365)

15 May, 2023

The Imperial Army is comprised of small and elite group of soldiers, their purpose is two-fold, to act as a cadre to train up other soldiers and as a precise strike force to eliminate certain types of threats to the Imperium.  Within the Imperial forces, the elite within the elite are the Empress’ Immortal Guard.

One of the members of the Immortal Guard assigned to Port Imperial is Sargent Zimrud, who has been a member of the guard for one hundred and eighty years, during that time of service, he has been killed eleven times.  Like all of the Immortal Guard, he has a gem implanted at the base of his skull and when he is killed, his spirit is trapped inside the gem until a new body can be grown.  His gem is an emerald and each time a new body has been grown, the skin of his body has become a deeper shade of green.

Sargent Zimrud is of slightly above-average height and solidly built, with emerald green skin, his blond hair is worn short and his eyes are an odd green-blue.  His day-to-day wear is dragonsteel mail over leather, he carries a variety of weapons, including a war hammer, a short sword and a composite bow made of dragon bone (his pride and joy).  For someone who has been killed so many times, he is surprisingly cheerful and happy to meet new people.  Zimrud has taken charge of some of the roadbuilding crews as it allows him to see more of the countryside and meet more people.  Besides being an excellent soldier, despite his multiple deaths, Zimrud is a competent engineer and storyteller as well.

He likes to learn new languages but is only fluent in the Imperial Tongue and Gemkine language (Emerald dialect, naturally), Zimrud can make himself understood in Earthkine, Eosiante, and a variety of others, but he still has to master them, though he has a knack for identifying where people are from by their accent.

Notes: The Immortal Guard are my homage to the Genetic Infantry of the Rogue Trooper stories from 2000AD, using magic instead of technology for the same end.   And as opposed to being uniformly blue, they end up being the color of the gem used for their spirit stone, usually blue (sapphire), green (emerald), or red (ruby), and they usually end up with a color name after a few deaths have shifted their skin color.

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Image Cut Emerald by Gems21 and used under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

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