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Stormkirk’s Skyship Yard (Petrichor 365)

14 May, 2023

Most of the ships that arrive at Port Imperial are starships and those are often on their last legs.  But the occasional skyship arrives, most commonly Imperial ones delivering supplies and personnel to Fort Ajzure, but the occasional one from other places.  Skyships arriving at Port Imperial needs a place to land and that is what Stormkirk provides.  (Though the yard is located outside the area of Port Imperial that will be enclosed by the wall, so, arguably, it is not part of the city.)

The yard is primarily a cleared and flattened area with a wooden cradle for damaged skyships.  There is workshop with two spires with colorful pennants to show wind direction and strength.

Yestori Stormkirk is one of the Diamond Gemkine, she is average height with long white hair that falls to her waist.  Her eyes are an unnervingly pure blue.  She wears heavy leather clothes and carries a tool kit at all times.  Yestori is a fully qualified airship engineer and she likes nothing more than talking skyship design and construction though most forms of construction interest her as well.  She is direct and straightforward in most of her dealings (except for her hunt for new skyship-building material).

Yestori‘s dream is to find a new source of wood for skyships here on Petrichor.  But this is a secret, she also carves wood as a hobby and uses that as an excuse to buy wood from venturers and travelers.  She has not found what she is looking for yet but she is not discouraged as there is a lot of Petrichor still to be explored.  Yestori is on good terms with the other Gemkine craftfolk in Port Imperial and they keep an eye out for interesting wood for her.

Notes: Skyships are the fastest common form of travel but are much rarer than starships and much more expensive to build.

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Image from Petr Kratochvil on and is in the Public Domain.

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