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Mazi the Begger (Petrichor 365)

9 May, 2023

Not all of the people who wash up in Petrichor and Port Imperial can handle the new world, some are broken by, some arrived broken.

Sadly, Mazi the Begger is one such person, no one is exactly sure how long they have been in Port Imperial but at least half a year.  Their story changes depending on who they are talking with, they are a failed venture, an escaped slave, or any of other of dozens of stories aimed to convince people to give them money.  Mazi often implies that they know the location of a hidden treasure and they will pass on that information to the right person.

Mazi is of average height and thinish, with dirty hair and dull eyes.  Their clothes are as clean as you could expect from someone who lives on the streets.

Does Mazi know the location of a treasure?  Are they a former venturer?  What will work best for your group?  Use that.

Notes: Sometimes I just need something short for a Petrichor 365 entry, so there you go.

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Image from the Wellcome Collection and is in the Public Domain.


Tuesday Magic Item – Dragon Scale Arrows

9 May, 2023

Gollaon looked over the collection of arrows with points in a variety of colors and hues.

Voddick passed his hand just over them.  “Exquisite craftsmanship.  I have not seen a finer collection.”

“A craft passed from mother to daughter and father to son since time immemorial,” said the Earthkine crafter.

Gollaon caught their eye and nodded.

Dragon Scale Arrows

Made from dragon scales, as you would expect, these arrows are a useful addition to any quiver be it hunters of dragons or wizards.  The dragon scales used to tip these arrows are magically or alchemically hardened and supernaturally sharp so one must be careful handling them.

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