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Gottalon the Mover (Petrichor 365)

5 May, 2023

People come to Petrichor for many reasons and one of those reasons is to escape.  Be that from debts, bondage, or even slavery, indeed it is at the end of several transport chains that move people from danger to the (comparative) safety of Petrichor.

At the end of at least two of these chains is Gottalon, to all appearances, a mildly successful merchant of goods and supplies and organizer of transport (thus his title).  While he is a decent merchant, he is a better person, happy to help people escape into the wilderness of Petrichor to start a new life, free of chains.

Gottalon has a midsized warehouse, with various hiding places built into it, a small collection of wagons and pushcarts (some of the wagons also have ways to conceal people built-in).  And a midsized house for him and his employees.

Gottalon is a large man with a huge black beard and thick black hair, his eyes are a deep brown, and he has a booming voice.  He dresses well, but not extravagantly, and he clothes he can work in, as he is not afraid of physical work.  He has rings on all his fingers and wears a curved dagger or a saber if expecting trouble. Read the rest of this entry ?


May ’23 Shadowrun Campaign News and a new Seattle Scream Prop (#86)

5 May, 2023

Virtual World DisneyThis is a little later than I wanted but what can you do?  Still in time for the live game at Tyche’s Games this month (usually every first Saturday, come and join us in you are in the area, new players welcome).

Played the second story arc for the Songs in the Key of X campaign!  Tying up some loose ends from several years ago and revealing the fate of a (forcibly) retired player character.

How about some news from Seattle and beyond in the Seattle Scream (#86)!  The Horizon/VWDisney story ties into the last game at Tyche’s.

Perhaps you can find some inspiration from the latest Dark Future Ahead installment as well.

Notes: Image cyber disney land castle By NeoGzus on DecviantArt and is owned by them and used without permission.

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