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Tuesday Magic Item – Faerie Candies

2 May, 2023

Dragon, my favorite!Gollaon watched the candy seller carefully.

Voddick watched his friend as he ate an apple.  “Problem?”

“I do not think so,” said Gollaon slowly, “but I think there are going to be some very surprised parents.”

Faerie Candies

These items are manufactured by fae confectioners for ‘export’ to the mortal realm.  They are designed to sow confusion and chaos but can sometimes be useful.

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Veslan Veer, Dogfolk Mercenary (Petrichor 365)

2 May, 2023

Veslan's preferred way to fight.It must be the lure of adventure that brings so many of the Dogfolk to Petrichor, but for whatever reason Veslan Veer is one of their number.  Veslan arrived more or less a year ago and has worked with several companies since then, some more successful than others.

Veslan is of average height for one of the dogfolk and his head resembles that of a German shepherd but he speaks quite clearly.  He wears leather armor with lots of pouches and ties.  His weapon of choice is a composite short bow, but he also has a short sword and a variety of daggers.   Veslan is a voice of caution always making sure there are watches set and lines of retreat in place.  Apart from that, he is actually fairly cheerful.

Veslan‘s skill set is that of a scout and he is also quite good with animals, especially pack goats.  However, he is not a close combatant and he does not hire on for that,  Veslan will aid in combat but from a safe distance if possible.

Notes: Veslan has been accompanying one of the groups that play in the Sea of Stars, he is a fun character to play as a GMC.  Thus, he is there to try and keep the player characters alive and let them be the heroes.

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