Tolentok’s Roads and Paths (Petrichor 365)

30 March, 2023

The roads and paths in Port Imperial were often more by happenstance than by design, outside of the Imperial section by the Imperial docks which was laid out in a gridded design.  Some of the new sections have been properly laid out as the bureaucracy is cracking down on squatters and making sure that everyone has the legal title to the land they are building on.  But the point is, much of the city is haphazardously laid out and built.

But times are changing and the city is evolving into a proper city from a boomtown, this means, among other things, proper roads.  The Imperial military is building roads for Imperial purposes, though some of those are helpful for others as well.

The rest of Port Imperial is left to its own devices for better roads.  Enter Tolentok Breakstone and his company.  They gather discarded stones and shells, break them and use them to pave roads.  When they can find wood, they build boardwalks but their specialty is gravel roads.  They can do cobblestone roads as well, when they can get the materials, and brick pathways, but again getting the materials is the tricky part as most people would rather build houses than streets with stone and brick but gravel and broken shells do not have many other uses.

Tolentok Breakstone, is one of the Onyx Gemkine, his beard is the deepest black and braided with silver beads, his dark eyes are watchful.  He prefers practical clothes of leather and heavy cloth but can dress in fancier wear when meeting clients.  Tolentok is hard working and direct in deed and word with no patience for shirkers or timewasters.

He hires workers as needed with a small, reliable staff to direct others or work along when jobs are scarce, which is rare.  Anyone willing to work hard is welcome and many a venturer has worked for Tolentok for a few days to earn coin between expeditions.

Notes: A city needs streets, Tolentok makes them for those who will pay.

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