The Saucy Seadragon Tavern (Petrichor 365)

22 March, 2023

Near the Imperial Docks, there is a small tavern, it is easy to miss among the warehouses around it.  It seems much older than it is made of salvaged wood from crates and ships, local stone, and anything else that came to hand.  It is two stories tall with the upper story overhanging the ground floor.

The sign is of a green seadragon emerging out of the grey-blue sea, it is cunningly carved so that as the sign shifts in the wind, the seadragon appears to wink at the viewer.

The interior is equally eccentric, with furnishings also salvaged from ships and other places.  Ships lanterns are hung on the walls and a small fireplace provides some warmth on chilly nights.   Nets and other nautical bric-a-brac decorate the walls.  A small kitchen serves stew and a variety of seafood dishes.  The drinks available are beer brewed here and from a few locals brewers (such asCallavan;s the Brewer), some stronger liquor, and even the occasional cask or bottle of wine.

The upper floor has two private rooms for rent as well as two rooms for the staff.  A half cellar holds the brewing equipment for the tavern’s beer and other supplies.

Olla Windblown is the mistress of the tavern and the cook, a thin and pale woman with fine brown hair and grey eyes.  She is stronger than she looks and runs the place like a captain runs a ship.  Olla usually dresses in greys or black except for a brightly colored scarf.  She is quick to learn his customers’ names and their preferred food and drink.  If asked how she afforded the place, she mentions a mysterious benefactor but little more even if pressed.

She has two or three people to help her as needed, often sailors needing a job between ships.  The Saucy Seadragon often hosts music, be it a single minstrel or a few shantymen, it is rare for there not to be songs there in the early evening.  It is also a good place to catch up on the comings and going of ships from Port Imperial, Olla has an excellent memory for such and is happy to share that knowledge for the tip of a few coins.

People are welcome, for a few coins, to sleep in the common room once the last call has been rung or rent a private room if they do not mind the price for that, it does come with breakfast.

It is a popular place for sailors, especially those between berths, to catch up on the news and hunt up new jobs.

Questions: Who is the mysterious benefactor behind the tavern?  Does it matter?

Notes: Just another place to hang out in.  An especially useful place to get in good with the patrons if you need information about the ships moving in and out of the harbo

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Image photo from Remodelista, licensing status unknown.

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