Orsman’s Oatcakes (Petrichor 365)

18 March, 2023

Good for youSupplies for travelers and settlers, and to a lesser extent sailors, are an essential market.  One of the leaders in this market is Orsman’s Oatcakes.

While only being in existence for just under two years, it has become well-known.  Orsman Klipoond, from the outskirts of Asterdahl, came to Port Imperial as part of a merchant group.  He quickly realized that there was a market for good, long-lasting food, he convinced his compatriots of the same and got them to invest.

Within two months, the ovens were up and running, making oat cakes and other forms of trail bread and hard tack.  Orsman had the ovens built by Gemkine specialists, the rest of the buildings are ordinary if well-built and include a small granary.  Orsman’s group has also provided seed money and literal seeds to local farmers in exchange for one first option on surplus crops and this is beginning to provide a local source of grain.

Orsman‘s oatcakes and other forms of trail breads have achieved a level of popularity due to their quality and secure packaging.   (The hardtack is mainly imported from Asterdahl and repackaged, the hope is to make them here in the future.)

Orsman himself is of just below average in height and stout in build, his balding hair is cut short and he has cultivated a large beard.  He works just as hard as any other member of the staff, making and packaging the bread.  Orsman is happy working hard to make the business a success and has done his best to master every part of it.  He is very enthusiastic about the whole process and his cheerfulness is infectious.   Orsman is looking for a partner of the romantic as well as the business kind.  He lives in the complex so he can check on things as needed.

The company employs twelve to eighteen people, depending on demands and the availability of grain to make things from.  Orsman sells directly to customers and to other stores.

Notes: Reliable, lasting food is useful to have if you are a traveler or venturer.

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Image photo from Kim Siever on Flickr and is in the Public Domain.

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